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Zasmin Extra Moisturizing Cream

Zasmin Extra Moisturizing Cream Review Summary

Zasmin Extra Moisturizing Cream is an anti-aging product that is said to tone and firm the skin. According to an online description, this specialized formula will fight off wrinkles and is especially suited for those with very dry skin. This skincare line promotes a high number of products meant to address the issue of aging skin, and many of these creams are said to provide very similar benefits.

Nonetheless, we will still take a closer look at this cream to determine whether it may be able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and enhance the appearance of the skin for anti-aging consumers, as the company promises.

Ingredients at a Glance
At the time of this review, the complete ingredient list for this Extra Moisturizing Cream is not posted online for consumer review. Not only is there no product website, but the manufacturer also fails to post a company website or online venue for consumers to visit to access such information. However, an online description does share that this cream contains “Marine DNA and Ulva Lactuca Extract.”

We are disappointed that the manufacturer has not taken the time or effort to ensure their consumers have access to essential product information. Many people do not buy a product without first viewing the formula, especially those consumers who sensitive skin and must avoid potential irritants and allergens.

Ingredients in Focus
The company is not specific about what type of Marine DNA will be contained in this cream and what benefits it is meant to provide. To our knowledge, we are not aware of any research that shows types of Marine DNA will generate significant results in terms of anti-aging, and so we’re curious as to why the manufacturer did not take the opportunity to explain the science behind their formula.

Furthermore, we have not come across any research that supports the anti-aging benefits of Ulva Lactuca Extract. This ingredient is actually a thin, flat, green algae that is used in traditional Scottish soups and salads. There is no indication that these algae will reduce the appearance of wrinkles or reverse other signs of aging.

Lifestyle Benefits
The manufacturer of this cream claims it will provide deep hydration and multiple anti-aging benefits, yet they fail to provide any proof or evidence to support these claims and their product’s abilities. Therefore, we believe consumers who are interested in significant results may do better with a cream that contains patented and effective ingredients. In that case, we suggest that consumers research products that offer advanced ingredients like Matrixyl 3000®. Not only has this ingredient been patented for quality assurance, but it has also been shown to increase Collagen levels in the skin. As most people are aware, Collagen is what provides the skin with its firm, smooth texture and increased levels may help attack visible signs of aging. In fact, this ingredient is so effective that is has been shown in clinical trials to reduce the severity of wrinkles by up to 40%.

• May be found at reduced prices

Final Thoughts
In the end, this formula may moisturize dry skin as the company claims, and it may even provide other benefits. However, we do wish the manufacturer had supplied consumers with more product information, as there are many people that may be uncomfortable with buying a cream with an undisclosed formula. When it comes to the issue of wrinkles, this company fails to prove how this cream will be beneficial, and so we recommend that consumers look into a product with the above-mentioned Collagen stimulator Matrixyl 3000®. Often products containing this ingredient come from manufacturers that offer free trials and money-back guarantees with their products.

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