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Youthful Essence


Youthful Essence Review Summary

Anyone who has ever logged a few late night hours in front of the tube is probably familiar with Guthy-Renker products. This television marketing company sells such well-known products as Proactiv and Principal Secret, and its infomercials have become ubiquitous on dozens of cable networks.

While Youthful Essence is not the only Guthy-Renker brand that focuses on anti-aging products, it does differ in its approach. Rather than using peptides or antioxidants as its principle ingredients, this line is based on the practice of microdermabrasion. Once available only at salons or in a dermatologist’s office, this treatment helps to slough off dead skin in order to encourage cellular renewal. While exfoliation can help to soften skin and improve its overall appearance, it may not have the dramatic effect that its advertisements would like to suggest.

Products at a Glance
The Youthful Essence system includes: a watertight resurfacing tool, two sponge applicators, and Vitamin-Enriched Resurfacing Cream.

Additional available products include: Cleansing Facial Wash, Soothing Night Treatment, For Eyes Soothing Day Treatment, Luscious Body Scrub, Repairing Mask, Facial Mist and Toner, Daily Protection Moisturizer with SPF, and various replacement brushes and sponges.

Products In Focus
The Youthful Essence resurfacing treatment, according to the website, may be used on both the face and body. The Vitamin-Enriched Resurfacing Cream to the sponge applicator and then massaged into the skin by placing light pressure with resurfacing tool. In two to four minutes, the “sugar-fine” crystals scrub away dead skin. This treatment may be repeated two to four times per week on the face, but during “off” days, the Youthful Essence website suggests treating other parts of the body that are prone to rough patches, such as the knees and feet.

While at-home microdermabrasion treatments can certainly provide excellent exfoliation, some dermatologists warn that consumers should not expect to see professional results. In addition, those who have sensitive skin may want to exercise caution, as it is fairly easy to cause irritation of too much pressure is applied.

Like most Guthy-Renker product websites, Youthful Essence offers consumers quite a bit of information on their product, including microdermabrasion tips and an FAQ section. Although the site does list all ingredients for each product, it offers very few details on how exactly they work to improve the skin.

Youthful Essence is one of the few cosmetics manufacturers that offers an automatic shipment program. This saves customers the trouble of monitoring their supply and logging on to reorder each month. The only drawback is that perhaps because of the nature of the system, Youthful Essence does not offer a free trial. However, the company does allow returns.

• Automatic shipping available
• Website posts before and after photos
• Website includes an FAQ section

Final Thoughts
There is no denying that Susan Lucci looks fantastic, and for this reason she makes a very compelling spokesperson for Youthful Essence. However, she is not the only celebrity to testify to the benefits of a Guthy-Renker anti-aging product, and unfortunately in the end this system is not the magic wand it seems to be.

Clearing away dead skin cells and exposing new ones through exfoliation has been shown to brighten the skin, as well as lighten dark spots and improve acne. This may help to soften wrinkles somewhat, but a loss of collagen is responsible for the deepening of lines, not dead skin. In order to restore this natural “cushion,” women may want to look for a product that contains an active collagen boosting ingredient.

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