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Tony & Tina Cosmetics

Tony & Tina Cosmetics Review Summary

Tony & Tina are well known as a cosmetics company. Sometime skincare products fall under the cosmetics umbrella, but in this case they are most well known for their mascaras, foundations, blushes, eyeliners and glosses. However, they have created a limited number of toners and skincare items. Their line is rather unusual in that they are “committed to expanding the use and understanding of vibrational remedies.”

This type of product line may include concepts that are based upon the “electromagnetic vibrations of color, aroma and herbs” and how they affect the human energy system. They try to combine color and aroma to create products that may have the most positive “energy and affect” for the user. They also wish to create products that can help “balance the energy centers, or chakras, within your body.” This is definitely a unique way to address beauty and skin health.

Products at a Glance
The Tony & Tina Cosmetics line may contain some of the following items: Glamour Powder, Herbal Eye Mascara, Tony & Tina Herbal Liquid Eye Liner, Tony & Tina Herbal Toner W/lemongrass, Tony & Tina Tinted Lip Balm, Tony & Tina for Women and Tony & Tina Vibrational Remedy Fragrance Shimmering Body Lotion.

Products in Focus
When we reviewed the Tony & Tina Cosmetics line in its entirety we noticed one very important factor—for the most part, it consists of standard “make up” products, which are created from an “all-natural” perspective. They actually have a very limited number of skincare products, one of which is the Tony & Tina’s Environmental Rescue Stick. In reality, this product is a foundation stick, which is used to help cover blemishes and uneven skin tone when you’re on the go. However, they advertise that it is “actually a treatment, too.”

They have included a compilation of extracts, herbs and vitamins in its formula to help rejuvenate the user’s skin, as well as help “protect it from signs of aging.” They don’t indicate what these ingredients are; however, certain vitamins and plant extracts are potent antioxidants. When used topically, antioxidants may help decrease and perhaps reverse some of the damage done by the sun, pollution and smoking, as they fight free radicals. However, these elements work best in standardized dosages, and products such as this one, usually offer very minimal antioxidant support.

Products like the Tony & Tina Environmental Rescue Stick are usually used as an adjunct to an already existing skincare routine that contains a higher level anti-aging product, or by individuals who are not yet worried about wrinkles or facial lines. The more effective formulas usually contain some type of Collagen replenishing technology, which may address these issues deep in the skin.

For example, certain peptides have been shown to be highly effective in helping increase Collagen production. One of the more effective ones is Matrixyl 3000®, which has been shown in studies to be able to decrease wrinkle density by 33%, while also lessening their volume and depth.

• Extensive make up line
• All natural

Final Thoughts
Tony & Tina Cosmetics are sold on many of high-end retailer websites. Many people have found their mascaras, blushes and lipsticks to be highly effective, but this is not skincare developer or an extensive anti-aging line. Their skincare adjuncts may offer some antioxidant support, but we doubt it will not be enough to help people increase the health of their skin matrix, nor will it help prevent or reduce wrinkles or facial lines. Those who are interested in aggressively addressing age-related issues may wish to seek out products that were created for this purpose by developers with a track record of success—developers who use proven elements such as Matrixyl 3000®.

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