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Theraderm Enriched Facial Moisturizer

Theraderm Enriched Facial Moisturizer Review Summary

Since there are so many cosmetics companies out there, it may be tough to choose one that offers a safe and effective product. This may be made more complicated by the fact that many manufacturers are also intent on promoting a slew of moisturizers and anti-aging creams and lotions. To add more confusion, some manufacturers make extraordinary claims to promote their products. Theraderm may be one such line of products. Therefore, we believe that Theraderm’s Enriched Facial Moisturizer may not be an attractive product if considered as an anti-aging topical application.

The industry already has a number of specific anti-wrinkle formulas to offer. Some of the superior ones may even be backed by clinical data and scientific evidence. In fact, some may be so good as to be featured in magazines and other media outlets. Unfortunately, these criteria may not apply to the Enriched Facial Moisturizer, which is not even a specific anti-wrinkle cream. Therefore, we will take a look at Theraderm Enriched Facial Moisturizer to determine whether it may be worth a trial.

Ingredients at a Glance
We note that there are two facial moisturizers being marketed under the Theraderm brand: Enriched Facial Moisturizer and Gentle Facial Moisturizer. The difference between the two seems to be that while Enriched Facial Moisturizer is said to contain “the highest grade of cosmetic Lanolin and Dimethicone,” the Gentle Facial Moisturizer is said to be Lanolin-Free. Besides this fact, not much is revealed on the official website. We could not verify whether or not the Enriched Facial Moisturizer also contains Sodium Hyaluronate, as the Gentle Facial Moisturizer does.

Ingredients in Focus
It may be worthwhile to note that Theraderm is actually a brand, or line of products, by a company called Therapon Skin Health. This company claims to “help restore youthful skin by correcting factors that lead to an aging appearance or loss of function.” As such, the company currently has three other lines of products besides the Theraderm line. In fact, it already has a specific line of anti-wrinkle products.

It may be clear by now that these moisturizers may not be the best choice when it comes to reducing wrinkles. Instead, we urge consumers to search for a specific anti-wrinkle formula with advanced ingredients. We also suggest looking up a manufacturer to see if there may be multiple lines of products being marketed for the same purpose. Often this is a sign of a marketing ploy, not of quality products.

Besides using anti-wrinkle creams, it has become fashionable today to opt for injection-based applications and complex surgical techniques. However, these methods may be very expensive, not to mention painful and requiring multiple visits to a qualified physician. Therefore, with todays busy lifestyles, the best way, we believe, to reduce the visible signs of aging may be to use a topical application with scientifically advanced ingredients. These products may be much more affordable, as some of the good ones will be easily available online directly from the manufacturer.

• May have some moisturizing benefits

Final Thoughts
Those looking for a specific anti-aging cream, and not for a moisturizer, may want to try looking up a manufacturer that does not dabble in producing numerous skin creams. In any case, as mentioned above, Therapon already markets a specific line of anti-wrinkle products as part of its Eternox Wrinkle Reduction System.

Therefore, people might wish to look for a product that contains proven and effective anti-aging ingredients. Often such products come from reputable manufacturers that are more than willing to stand behind their products with free trails, money-back guarantees and outstanding customer service.

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