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StarMaker Products

StarMaker Products Review Summary

Star Maker is a skincare and anti-aging line created by Anson Williams, who played Warren "Potsie" Weber on Happy Days, and JoAnna Connell, a make-up artist and Hollywood beauty product developer. Their website suggests that their products are imbued with some of the most effective “secret” tricks of the trade in Hollywood, and that they are actually used by the stars.

There are many products on the market that are created by former or current stars, but many of them fall short in terms of providing the kinds of results most of us need to fend off wrinkles, fine lines and facial sagging. However, there are some anti-aging products on the market that use cutting edge technology and ingredients to produce truly effective anti-aging products. Let’s take a look at StarMaker to see what they have to offer.

Products at a Glance
The StarMaker product line contains: Hollywood Hands, Micro Pearl Resurfacing, Pearl Mist, Micro Pearl Body, Satinee, and Dry Touch Hands & Feet.

Products in Focus
The StarMaker product line consists of six products that are suggested to be able to address various avenues if aging, but it seems that their Pearl Anti Wrinkle/Moisturizing Mist has really captured the attention of consumers due to the fact that it contains Hydrolyzed Pearl Extract. This element has captured women’s imaginations for centuries in China and is reputed to have been use by the Chinese emperors and empresses during the Tang Dynasty to help them preserve youthful skin.

However, there is little proof that Hydrolyzed Pearl Extract may actually help improve skin health or reduce any signs of aging. In fact, when you do the research, as we have, it’s clear that in a market in which there are some well researched and proven elements and extracts, Hydrolized Pearl Extract has not been properly studied, nor has it been shown to be effective in the anti-aging arena.

This concerns us since Hydrolyzed Pearl plays a role in the formulas of many of the StarMaker Products™, but it is especially disturbing because they don’t discuss or disclose the other elements in their formulas. This means that there is no research or data available that supports their claims that this product line can reduce lines and wrinkles, increase hydration, restore youthful elasticity, increase skin texture or enhance tone and suppleness of customers’ skin.

The StarMaker Website indicates that their Pearl Anti Wrinkle/Moisturizing Mist is “clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles up to 68%,” but this claim does not appear to be backed up by actual research. This website does not provide users with access to any research that supports this claim, or any of the other claims made about their products. Addtionally, the fact that their formulas are not clearly posted or discussed is a big problem for us and many consumers as well. In fact, this product line appears to have consistently scored poorly on consumer sites due to lackluster results, which is not a complete surprise given the fact that they appear to rely so heavily upon Pearl Extract.

• Inexpensive
• Varied product line

Final Thoughts
The StarMaker product line is very inexpensive, which may make it quite appealing to many of us for obvious reasons, but it has some innate flaws that make it impossible for us to recommend using it. As noted above, the only element in their Pearl Anti Wrinkle/Moisturizing Mist they disclose is Pearl, which does not explain how they hope to tone, moisturize, hydrate skin or decrease wrinkles or fine lines. While Hydrolized Pearl Extract may seem exotic, it has not been shown to be particularly effective in enhancing skin health or easing age-related issues.

In the end, we suggest seeking products created by developers with a high level of expertise, especially those who use proven anti-aging agents to increase Collagen production and increase the presence of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin matrix to increase hydration.

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