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Slim10® - 10 Patented Weight Loss Ingredients

Slim10® - 10 Patented Weight Loss Ingredients Review Summary

The first thing we can say about this product is WOW! Slim 10® has hit the marketplace with a huge bang. This is the first and only weight loss pill ever made that has combined 10 different patented, clinically proven effective ingredients. And to top it off, they added 500mg of pure South African Hoodia in a 20X potency to every serving. This pill is pure weight loss science. In fact, with this many award-winning ingredients in one capsule, we don’t see how anyone could not lose weight by taking it.

This is not a cheap diet pill. In fact, it is on the upper end of cost—and rightfully so. Each of the ingredients used in Slim 10® costs anywhere from 20-50 times as much as the cheap generic ingredients found in 99% of diet pills. With Slim 10®, you pay for what you get: the best money can buy. The makers have really put a lot of science into selecting these ingredients and combining them in the perfect ratios. They have made sure that each serving provides the consumer with enough of each individual ingredient to provide the clinically proven results. This means that the impressive clinical study results for each ingredient are something that the Slim 10® customers can expect to receive for themselves. We will highlight the benefits of each ingredient below, but we strongly recommend visiting the official website by clicking here to read more in depth information about what you can expect from this award-winning formula. Or keep reading our review…it gets better.

Slim 10®’s revolutionary formula provides dieters with these ten powerful, patented and proven ingredients: Super Citrimax®, Tonalin®, Advantra Z®, Phase 2®, 7-Keto®, NeOpuntia®, ForsLean®, Slimaluma®, ChromeMate® and CarniPure®. Each of these ingredients have obtained US Patents for their unique formulas, and each also comes with not just one, but multiple clinical studies to back up their claims. In order to get these patents, each company must ensure that their ingredient formulation is standardized. This means you can always count on what you are taking. Most products that use natural ingredients vary from batch to batch in strength and potency because the ingredients are not standardized, very similar to how the same vineyards have different tasting wine from year to year.

In addition to the ten impressive patented ingredients, Slim 10® also contains 500mg of real South African Hoodia in every serving. The South African Hoodia cactus contains a molecule which is capable of sending a message to the brain, signaling that the body is free from hunger and thirst, even when no food or drink has been consumed. Scientists studying the phenomena named the molecule ‘P57.’ It is important to note that only pure South African Hoodia contains enough of the P57 molecule to be effective in killing your appetite. With the rise of Hoodia’s popularity, the plant has been harder to come by and more expensive. About 90% of manufacturers have turned to other kinds of Hoodia grown in other countries like China and Mexico in order to save money. The Hoodia used in Slim 10® is a special form that has also been clinically proven and standardized. Standardized Hoodia is almost unheard of in the diet marketplace today. In fact, with 99% of Hoodia products, you never know what to expect. One batch might work while the next doesn’t do anything. The makers of Slim 10® have named their standardized 20X strength form of the Hoodia Gordonii cactus Gordonilex®.

For a full description of how awesome each ingredient in Slim 10® is, you must do yourself a favor and visit the official website. Click Here To Visit the Official Site or keep reading our brief snapshot of what each of the ingredients in Slim 10® has been clinically proven to do and awarded their patents for.

Advantra-Z® -- This ingredient has been proven to be as effective as Ephedra in boosting the metabolism without any of the negative side effects. It comes in four different potencies, and the strongest one (used in Slim 10®) is clinically proven to help you burn up to hundreds of more calories per day.

Tonalin® -- The most concentrated and potent form of CLA available. CLA decreases the amount of fat stored by the body after eating, increases the speed at which stored fat is broken down, increases fat metabolism rates and decreases the total number of fat cells in the body. It has been proven to reduce body fat by 21%!

Super Citrimax® -- Clinically proven to curb the appetite, burn fat, reduce Body Mass Index and enhance weight loss, all with no negative side effects. It also increases Serotonin levels, which enhance moods and sleep quality while decreasing hunger and preventing binge eating.

Phase 2® -- Clinically proven to block carbs and starches found in breads, pasta, rice, corn and crackers from being absorbed and digested by the body, which significantly helps people to lose weight.

7-Keto® -- Clinically proven to increase DHEA levels and enhance the metabolism naturally by promoting thermogenesis (increasing the body's metabolism to burn more calories) and avoids all of the negative side effects associated with stimulants. Our bodies need the hormone DHEA (often referred to as a “fountain of youth”) to help keep our metabolisms burning calories efficiently.

CarniPure® -- The only patented form of L-Carnitine, it helps break down fat because it is an essential part of helping the body turn fat cells into energy, thus increasing the rate at which the metabolism burns calories and keeps it from letting fatty acids become stored fat.

Simaluma® -- Clinically proven to drastically suppress the appetite by sending a signal to the hypothalamus that tells the brain that your stomach is full and helps people eat much less.

NeOpuntia® -- Clinically proven to attract fat and bind with it. When it enters the body, the fiber in NeOpuntia® literally soaks up the fat you eat in foods and keeps it from turning into fatty acids, which can become stored fat cells if not burned off 100%.

ForsLean® -- Clinically proven to encourage lean body mass because it causes chemical reactions that instigate fat cells to release their energy and burn away.

ChromeMate® -- Known as the safest, most potent and effective form of chromium available on the market today. Chromium is a common ingredient in weight management products because of its ability to help the body turn sugar into energy before it becomes fat.

****As you can see, this formula is nothing but pure weight loss science. There is no other product on the market with so much clinical research to support its formula. Slim 10® literally has hundreds of clinical studies to prove its ingredients’ abilities, along with a host of U.S. and international patents to ensure the quality of the product. Consumers simply won’t be able to find this kind of quality and efficacy in any other product.

Click here to visit the official website for more detailed info on each ingredient.

Slim 10® starts at $75 for a one-month supply. This is on the upper end of price for diet pills, but it is worth every penny. There is no guessing game with Slim 10®—you are paying for a product that has nothing but clinically proven ingredients shown to be effective for 99% of users. The good news is that you can get Slim 10® for less when you buy in larger quantities. We highly recommend ordering several months worth because chances are you will definitely like the product and want to keep taking it. Should you decide for any reason that you are not 100% satisfied with Slim 10®, you can take advantage of their incredible 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Who offers a full 90 Days to return a consumable diet pill? This just shows how great the product is and how much the makers know it will work. They make it a no-lose situation in ordering large quantities, so take advantage of the price break. Not to mention the larger quantity orders come with free expedited shipping (an additional $15 dollars savings).

Their Pricing Model is as follows:

• 1 Box = $75
• 2 Boxes = $140 (a $10 savings)
• 3 Boxes = $195 (a $30 savings)
• 4 Boxes = $240 (a $60 savings + Free Expedited Shipping)
• 5 Boxes = $275 (a $100 savings + Free Expedited Shipping)
• 6 Boxes = $300 (a $150 savings + Free Expedited Shipping)

The official website for Slim 10® is both graphically enticing and easy to navigate, making it user friendly for everyone. Providing pricing, a full ingredient list, links to clinical research, and visible product guarantees and return policies, this website is nothing short of excellent. With a simple navigation system and great organization, consumers can easily find all the information they want.

The website has an endless testimonial section from real and enthusiastic customers. You can tell that these are real testimonials from enthusiastic customers who have been very excited about their weight loss. In fact, the website has an open blog where the customers can give feedback about their experiences with the product. Clearly, the makers of Slim 10® feel confident enough in their product to allow an open forum to exist on their website. We have rarely seen this before in the thousands of products we’ve reviewed. Their customers say enough to sell the product alone. The website also lists some very compelling ‘Before & After’ pictures that their customers have sent in. Definitely check out the testimonials and B&A pictures—they are worth it.

We also like the nice little touches the website offers. Pay attention to nice little text roll-over effects when you mouse over the ingredient logos in the upper left corner of the site. A little blurb of text pops up for each, giving you a summary of what that particular ingredient is proven to do. You can also click on each ingredient logo to be taken to a section of the site that offers further details on the ingredient. This is a great site to go with a great product.

Lastly, this is a real company you can contact on the phone during business hours. All contact information is clearly listed on the ‘Contact Us’ page. We are so tired of the companies that don’t have a real customer service team to assist the consumers buying their products.

Click Here to Check out the website, their testimonials and Before & After Pictures

• Revolutionary formula provides ten clinically proven and patented ingredients in one pill.
• Product also comes with Real South African Hoodia, the best and safest appetite suppressant available.
• By providing standardized patented ingredients, quality is guaranteed for each and every box.
• Research exists supporting each and every one of the ingredients independently.
• Comes with an amazing 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.
• The customers sell the product alone—check out the blog page.
• You can get it for just $50 per box when you order in quantity, a very fair price for this type of product.
• Real customer service you can contact when you need to.

• Slim 10® is not available in stores, only on the official website.
• Just like all diet products that have ingredients that increase your metabolism, you don’t want to take them too late in the evening or it might interfere with sleep patterns. The makers of Slim 10® also offer Hoodia Bites® on their order page, which is a pure chewable form of Hoodia that kills your appetite in just 5 minutes after you eat it. You can take Hoodia Bites® at any time because it contains no stimulants at all. This is a nice addition to take in conjunction with Slim 10® for when you need a little help in the evenings to kill the appetite. We recommend adding some Hoodia Bites® to your Slim 10® order.

Final Thoughts
When it comes to finding a diet product, most consumers can get lost quickly in the endless ineffective and unproven products. Even if you eventually find a product with a proven ingredient(s), you would usually be settling for just one or two effective ingredients in the midst of several cheap filler ingredients. But now there is something awesome available that gives you all the best ingredients backed by science in one pill: Slim 10®. Never before has a product incorporated so many proven ingredients into one no-nonsense package. This revolutionary 10-in-1 pill may forever change the diet market, not to mention the added bonus of Real South African Hoodia. Additionally, Slim 10® includes more clinical support for its formula than any other single product on the market. Between all the ingredients, there are hundreds of clinical studies on efficacy, safety, and the results you can expect. Consumers simply will not find a safer, more effective and more efficient product on today’s market.

Consumers should never settle for second-rate products or deal with nasty side effects to see minimal results. Slim 10® is the elite of elite diet products, and consumers should see that immediately when they see all the support it has for its ten incredible ingredients. We highly recommend Slim 10® and encourage anyone looking to buy a diet pill to not waste their time and try this first. If you are not satisfied, please take advantage of their 90-Day money back guarantee so you lose nothing.

Click here to visit the official Slim 10® site – you won’t be disappointed

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