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Rejuval Review Summary

Rejuval is a set of purifying skincare products that may be used for home microdermabrasion. Rejuval is advertised as an anti-aging program that is designed to fight wrinkles and repair damaged skin. The Rejuval website makes some interesting claims, but we’ll take a close look at this item to see if it is capable of living up to its grand claims.

Since there are thousands of ineffective or potentially dangerous products in this market, choosing the right one may be an important part of a person’s skin health. We believe that one way for people to help fight the aging battle is to be informed about the active ingredients contained in these products. Being informed allows consumers to make safe choices.

Ingredients at a Glance
Rejuval is described as a patented “do it yourself” microdermabrasion kit. However, at this time, the Rejuval website does not disclose what ingredients are contained in this item, which makes it difficult to evaluate its abilities.

Rejuval is advertised as being safe for “all types of skin,” yet we never see any clinical evidence to support this claim. Rejuval appears to be a mediocre item that many people may consider over priced.

Ingredients in Focus
In general, Rejuval appears to be a fairly standard skincare product that most likely contains standard ingredients that do little to provide anti-aging results.

Rejuval appears to lack quality ingredients like Matrixyl 3000®, which is an ingredient that is known to moisturize, which keeps skin soft and vibrant. This ingredient works to help reduce wrinkles and restore the skin. When searching for a skincare product, we believe it may be crucial for people to look for proven ingredients like Matrixyl 3000®. Other essential skincare ingredients include Real Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.

With so many choices, making the right choice in skincare is not always an easy process. By failing to include (or to at least post the names of) effective ingredients, Rejuval appears to make it easy for consumers looking for a skincare product—it lacks quality ingredients, so it should not be a consideration. In fact, despite its purported “physician recommendation,” Rejuval seems to be potentially unreliable. Rejuval appears to lack an effective refund policy, which is negative mark on its score sheet. We believe all products that can be purchased online should come with hassle-free return policies to make it easy for consumers to return ineffective products.

• Professional website
• Do it yourself kit
• Good for multiple uses
• Easy ordering may be available via the website

Final Thoughts
Many products like Rejuval are mediocre items that are more geared towards making a quick sale than providing skincare benefits. Since not all products are safe for long-term use, we believe customers should search for items that contain high quality ingredients that fit their individual needs. Most high quality products are backed by consumer testimonies and have been featured in prominent publications.

Furthermore, safe and effective ingredients to look for include Matrixyl 3000® and Argireline®, which are known to be efficient skincare ingredients that provide great results without side effects. People should, however, always look for a fair refund policy, which is a way of protecting the customer from wasting their money on a formula that fails to meet their needs. There are quality formulas on the market, and we believe it is the customer’s responsibility to make educated choices. At this time, Rejuval seems like a potential risk, and therefore, may not be the best option available.

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