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ReVive® Moisturizing Renewal Cream

ReVive® Moisturizing Renewal Cream Review Summary

Moisturizing Renewal Cream has been brought to the skin care market by ReVive, a manufacturer who has created a variety of different skincare products already on the market. This company was founded by Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, a plastic surgeon who is very interested in the effects of Epidermal Growth Factor on skin. Moisturizing Renewal Cream is built around an ingredient which is touted by the manufacturer as being able to regenerate aging skin.

Also, the website claims that Moisturizing Renewal Cream exfoliates, retextures uneven skin, improves skin clarity and creates a luminous, firm and youthful complexion within two weeks. We are very interested in discovering if this product can deliver on these claims, which are commonly made by a variety of skincare products. We will thoroughly evaluate this product’s formula and the technology used to see if it can deliver what it promises.

Ingredients At A Glance
Antioxidants included in this formula are vitamins such as E, A and C, which aid in fighting free radicals in the body as well as removing toxins form the body. Vitamin E, in particular, has a reputation for being good for the skin.

Glycolic Acid is used in many skincare products because it easily penetrates the skin. It is often used by dermatologists as a chemical peel. It is also used in over the counter products as an exfoliating agent, because it makes the dead skin cells fall off easily. It is also used to remove tattoos.

Epidermal Growth Factor is a growth factor that is said to have an important role in the regulation of cell growth and multiplication in the human body. It is sometimes added into skincare products because it is believed by manufacturers such as this one to be able to stimulate cell growth and repair.

Ingredients in Focus
Moisturizing Renewal Cream uses many interesting ingredients in its formula, some of which are more productive than others in terms of anti-aging capacity. This product uses many antioxidants that have been shown to have some long term effects on skin health in general, because they are believed to fight free radicals and get rid of toxins in the body. However, they are not known to work as well as using Real Collagen to replace the lost Collagen in the body, which has been shown to significantly boost skin health, as well as decrease facial wrinkles.

As mentioned earlier, Moisturizing Renewal Cream is built around Epidermal Growth Factor, a little known ingredient that is known as a Nobel prize winner for its abilities to regenerate skin in burn victims. The manufacturer relies very heavily on this ingredient to regenerated aging skin, which appears to be a fair choice in terms of skin regeneration.

The Moisturizing Renewal Cream webpage lists this product’s full formula, which we found to be extremely informative. The website in general contains a variety of interesting tidbits about the company and the science behind their product, as well as how Revive, the company behind this cream, was launched. It also has an appealing Q&A section to try to answer any questions consumers may have, which we are sure consumers will find useful. However, they do not appear to offer any consumer testimonials, which seemed strange to us, considering they have all the other components of a good comprehensive website. Usually manufacturers will post testimonials because they are a great aid in terms of marketing and sales since they show positive results from individuals that have used the products.

• Antioxidant formula may offer some assistance in skin health
• Posts formula online for review
• Uses EGF, which is backed by research

Final Thoughts
Revive Moisturizing Renewal Cream is advertised as being the answer to all your anti-aging skin needs through its use of EGF, a unique amino acid that has won a Nobel prize for its abilities to heal skin in burn victims.

There are many different formulas on the market that offer different choices for anti aging ingredients. While EGF appears to be a great option, we feel that there are other choices available that could be just as beneficial in reducing the visible signs of aging. One such ingredient is Argireline®, which has been shown to be effective in decreasing the visibility of existing wrinkles and to delay the development of additional ones. However, Moisturizing Renewal Cream does contain many topical antioxidants, which may have some long term effects on skin quality if it is used for a very long period of time. Moisturizing Renewal Cream can be purchased at the website for $150 per bottle. In our estimation, this could be considered an expensive proposition, even with a proven ingredient in the mix, when there are many other proven formulas available that cost a fraction of that price.

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