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Pure Skin Junkie

Pure Skin Junkie Review Summary

Cristina Corral is the developer behind the Pure Skin Junkie line, and her website indicates that she is the first “Latina in Los Angeles County to own her own professional Medical Skin Care Line.” Corral has been a licensed esthetician in California for the last 20 years, but she has also worked in many parts of the beauty industry. As its name suggests, this line is based on one simple concept—that pure and natural ingredients are the most effective and side effect-free.

However, we have seen reactions and side effects to “natural” extracts, as well as ones generated in a lab. This is a point we will explore a bit more later on in this review. They also highlight their use of “chirally correct” elements, which is a tactic they use to differentiate themselves from the plethora of naturally based skincare lines already available to consumers. According to our research, there is little difference between chirally correct extracts and regular extracts. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at this skincare line to see what it has to offer.

Products at a Glance
The products in this line have some quirky names, including: Dirty Girl Gentle Cleanser, Clean Freak, Cellular Serum Antioxidant Skin Food, DramaQueen, EyeWonder, Youth Serum, B'bye Anti-Blemish Serum, Lighten Up, Chill Out, 'A' Lip Treat, DayShiled, Mineral D-Light and Undercover SPF 17.

Products in Focus
The products in this line are purported to be “chiral compounds” because they are extracted from nature. However, they never explain in a clear and concise manner why being chirally correct is better. However, after researching this theory, we were able to determine that some developers believe that chirally correct molecules may be better absorbed by the body, but this theory has not been shown to be valid as of yet; still, it does make for a great marketing technique.

The Pure Skin Junkie product line is based on four steps: Step 1, Cleanse; Step 2, Nourish; Step 3, Treat; and Step 4, Protect. Systems that use steps, as this one does, tend to be expensive in the long run because they require multiple purchases, which is why many consumers prefer and look for single product systems that offer a multilevel approach.

Nevertheless, let’s take a quick look at their Youth Serum, which has actually become fairly popular with consumers. This is a rather interesting product because it contains Argireline®, an Amino Acid formulation that has been shown to be able to help users minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes in a similar manner as Botox®, but without its side effects. It has actually become the “go to” element for easing crow’s feet and laugh lines.

That being said, the other elements used in this formula are not as effective. What is more significant is that they failed to include Collagen replenishing technology. This is a rather odd oversight since Collagen degradation is what starts wrinkles, crinkles and facial lines in the first place, along with a reduction in Hyaluronic Acid. This formula, and many of the other ones in this line, does little to address this issue.

The Pure Skin Junkie line has some great attributes—it provides customers with full access to their formulas and outlines their concepts, which we don’t always agree with, but the fact that they provide this information shows that they are invested in educating consumers about their products.

Still, we just wish they were more invested in fine tuning and developing their website. At times, it is hard to manage and navigate. Additionally, they don’t offer consumers a way to buy their products directly from this site, nor do they indicate where their products can be purchased. This lack of information and website functionality seems to indicate a lack of customer care and understanding.

• Natural product line
• Some of their products contain Argireline®

Final Thoughts
The Pure Skin Junkie skincare line does use some good anti-aging elements, like Argireline®, which, as we noted above, is highly effective in easing and preventing lines around the mouth and eyes. However, this developer failed to include other advanced technologies that could have taken it to a higher level of effectiveness in this arena.

For instance, they failed to include technology that can increase the production of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, a poor choice since this issue has been shown to be the initial cause of wrinkles, skin sagging and fine lines. Conversely, boosting the presence of these elements in the skin matrix has been shown to prevent and slow down the development of these issues.

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