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O HUI Review Summary

O HUI is a Korean cosmetics company that does not seem to have an official English language website. At this time, we could only locate a Korean website. However, one third-party online retailer does seem to carry their products. This retailer claims that O HUI is a premium brand that promotes phytoscience-based cosmetics designed to be most optimally suited to women.

O HUI is actually a brand name of skincare products manufactured by LG DeBon. The brand does promote specific anti-aging “treatments.” However, we have a feeling that when it comes to effective reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, there may be better products and ingredients out there. Therefore, we will take a closer look at some O HUI products to conclude whether they fare any better than their competitors.

Products at a Glance
It seems that O HUI promotes a number of anti-aging “treatments,” although official information about all the products may not be available. At this time, we could not verify the exact number of products. Some of the popular ones seem to be the following: O HUI Power Treatment Restructuring Skin Balance, O HUI Power Treatment Restructuring Essence, O HUI Power Treatment Restructuring Cream, O HUI Power Treatment Restructuring Eye Cream and so on.

Products in Focus
Besides the Power Treatment series, O HUI also seems to promote 4 more lines of skincare products, which are as follows: Active Care, which is a hydrating line; Melanish White, which is said to be a premium skin lightening series; Advanced Herb Clear, which is said to be an herbal cleansing series that is gentle on skin; and Pore Care RW, which is again an herb-based skincare product claimed to treat enlarged pores and excessive oiliness.

The Power Treatment Restructuring Cream is said to contain over 40 herbal extracts to firm, repair and hydrate damaged skin. However, scientifically advanced ingredients seem to be missing. In fact, it is not disclosed what exactly these herbal extracts are. We are usually wary of suggesting a formula for which the manufacturer does not expressly note all the ingredients. Furthermore, the cream is not claimed to specifically reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

While we generally prefer an exclusive official website for each product, we were only able to find a single all-encompassing company website for the O HUI products, which, as mentioned above, was not available in English. We like buying directly from the manufacturer, either through exclusive product websites or through manufacturer websites, since it eliminates the cost of retail markup. Buying direct also means less hassle when it comes to returns, refunds and overall customer service issues. O HUI consumers may have to forego these considerations since there does not appear to be an ordering function on the company site at this time.

• Markets specific anti-wrinkle topical applications

Final Thoughts
As far as effectively reducing the visible signs of aging like wrinkles and fines lines goes, we believe O HUI products may fail to be impressive. We believe an anti-aging cream will need something beyond simple herbal extracts. We believe that the industry already has some fantastic ingredients with years of clinical trials to support their abilities, so we feel that customers should continue their search beyond O HUI.

An alternative may be to find a specific anti-wrinkle cream that offers both a Collagen booster and a powerful moisturizer. As we age, our supply of Collagen depletes. The skin starts losing its ability to replenish new tissues, and age lines and wrinkles start to form. When this happens, it is necessary to ensure that the skin is getting properly hydrated and moisturized. There may be some effective products that offer advanced and proven ingredients including Real Collagen, Matrixyl 3000® and Hyaluronic Acid. Such ingredients have been shown to improve firmness, skin strength and elasticity safely.

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