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Nutraderm Review Summary

Nutraderm skincare products are made to care for dry skin and skin with problems such as rough skin, skin so dry it flakes or skin with calluses. According to the company, the products are formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin, and they are often recommended for people whose skin has become dry, cracked and/or itchy because of medical conditions or medical treatments. Nutraderm products are made by Galderma, an international dermatological products company that also makes brands such as Cetaphil. This company is in turn a partnership between Nestle and L’Oreal, two of the most respected brands in the world known for the high quality of their products, which include food and beauty items. Galderma specializes in skincare and employs its own scientists to research the best way to make products that care or prevent skin conditions and that are easy for a consumer or a medical professional to apply, thus ensuring their use.

These skin lotions are not greasy and do not contain Lanolin, so they can be used even by people who need to apply them frequently during the day without staining what they touch or losing their grip. They are used both to protect skin from damage by the sun, wind and other outside elements, and to repair skin once it has been damaged. Some of Nutraderm’s currently available products are listed below.


Nutraderm Therapeutic Lotion
Nutraderm Advanced Formula
Nutraderm Advanced Formula Therapeutic Lotion
Nutraderm Therapeutic Lotion for Extra Dry Skin
Nutraderm Nutraplus Lotion 10% Urea

These products are said to be readily available in most chain drug stores and supermarkets, and they are now being sold from a variety of online retailers as well. At the time of this review, they were selling in a range from $13 to $20 for 16 oz. bottles on several retail websites.

Galderama, the company that makes Nutraderm, maintains an official website that gives the history of the company, a list of its brands and products, specifying which are available in the United States, information on all of the various skin conditions addressed by this company’s products, and information on the research and manufacturing processes that went in to creation of the products. There are links to product websites by country and skin condition. Currently, information on Nutraderm products can also be found on the websites of the many retailers who sell these products.

Final Facts
Nutraderm is the brand name used by Galderma, one of the premier dermatological product companies in the world, for a line of lotions that are claimed to heal dry skin, even skin that is flaked, cracked or rough. These products are available for the home user, and they are also often used by medical professionals, or recommended by them, for people whose medical conditions or environmental conditions, such as working outside, for example, put them at risk of damaging their skin.

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