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NuGlow Review Summary

NuGlow is a skincare product system that promises results in four weeks time. The products are mainly purchased as kits containing three to five different products, and the company offers price discounts to those who have opted to sign up for membership.

The first purchase of a NuGlow Skincare System entitles the customer to membership in the NuGlow Skincare Club. With this membership you receive savings on the kits’ prices, automatic shipment of new kits every two months, and flexibility to alter the individual products or deliveries.

Products At A Glance
The company manufactures several products that can be purchased in various combinations. The majority of the formulas contain copper peptide as the active ingredient as it is thought to help renew skin tissues. The product line includes Copper Peptide Eye Therapy, Copper Peptide Serum, Deep Therapeutic Cleanser, Daytime Therapy with SPF 9 and Copper Peptide Nighttime Formula.

Products In Focus
The Copper Peptide Eye Therapy is intended to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. The formula contains a blend of herbal extracts plus copper peptide and parabens, synthetic preservatives contained in many creams and cosmetics. Since parabens are chemicals, it has been recommended that exposure should be limited.

The Copper Peptide Serum contains antioxidants and is intended to promote healthy skin while preventing free radicals. The formula’s key ingredient is Copper Tripeptide to give the skin copper micronutrition, and as well as the antioxidants, it contains Sodium Hyaluronate to help moisturize the skin – dry skin has been shown to be a factor in skin aging.

The Copper Peptide Nighttime Therapy claims to be specially formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by providing a component for collagen and elastin production. It contains some herbal extracts as well as Cetyl Alcohol, known to be a skin and eye irritant, and again, parabens for preservation of the product.

Diet Lifestyle
The Skincare System Kits have formulas for both daytime and nighttime, so they can be included in either part of a skincare routine. The daytime formulas contain a mild SPF to help protect the skin from the sun’s rays, and the company offers cleansers as well as moisturizers. The discounted price makes the cost more reasonable, but otherwise the product kits are fairly expensive. From an examination of the ingredients in the products, it is clear that they do not contain the most effective formulas for reducing fine lines and firming the skin. For those interested in using a product to restore the skin to a more youthful appearance, products containing collagen have been shown to significantly reduce wrinkles, and these types of formulas may be preferable.

• Discounts available for members
• Company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee

Final Thoughts
NuGlow has developed what they refer to as a Skincare System that includes a product line of various skincare products. From serums, cleansers and eye creams to daytime and nighttime moisturizers, the company offers products for all aspects of skincare. The formulas for the moisturizers consist of similar ingredients, and while we appreciate the inclusion of antioxidants, none of them contain the most beneficial ingredients for aiding in skin repair.

We appreciate that the formulas use a lot of herbal extracts, but as discussed, some contain chemicals and alcohol that can irritate the skin and actually cause further damage. Many quality products on the market include substances that help promote collagen production and can help repair deep tissue damage. Some of these even include fresh collagen, and these types of products may be a more effective option for consumers seeking an anti-aging formula.

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