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Menard Cosmetic

Menard Cosmetic Review Summary

The skincare products by Menard Cosmetic can be found in select and boutique spa locations throughout the world. Menard claims that it “enjoys a highly respected status in Japanese society as a leader in the cosmetics industry with a proven reputation for excellent beauty and safe effects.” However, as of this review, the official website fails to explain their manufacturing details and lacks online buying features.

We believe that Menard products may not be as cost-effective and efficient as some others on the market today. The company promotes eight different lines of cosmetics; however, there may not be a specific anti-wrinkle cream for those of us who wish to invest in a single product rather than an entire line. We will take a look at Menard skincare products to conclude whether any of them may specifically target wrinkle reduction.

Products at a Glance
The company has seven major brands of products to offer: Embellir, Saranari, LS, Tsukika, Fairlucent, Colax Ex, and Beauness. Besides these, it also offers an exclusive facial mask simply called Herb Mask. Each of these brands includes a range of products. For instance, Embellir and Saranari both contain Day and Night Creams. The interesting thing about these products is that almost all of them contain a combination of Red Reishi, Black Reishi and BRG-N.

Products in Focus
Menard does not merely focus on skincare; it also offers makeup, fragrances, and body care products, among others. However, as mentioned above, it does not seem to market a specific anti-aging product. Instead, it seems that the company is making a general claim about its overall products and treatments. Still, we were not convinced that their ingredients may dramatically reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Since there are hundreds of beauty and skincare products on the market claiming to dramatically reduce visible signs of aging, a potential customer may be confused by all the advertisements and claims. However, we believe that at least a few of these products genuinely hydrate the skin, reduce line formations, increase the elasticity of the skin tissue and make us feel great about ourselves without having to spend a lot of money. These products often offer proven and patented ingredients such as Argireline® and Matrixyl 3000®, both of which have been clinically shown to reduce wrinkles while restoring the skin’s youthful appearance and elasticity without side effects.

We found the official Menard website to be quite attractive. However, the website does not have an online buying feature, and testimonials were missing as well. Furthermore, before-and-after pictures are missing at this time. Complete lists of ingredients are also not posted on each of the products, although a few key ingredients are highlighted. Overall, we like the appearance and presentation, but we are not satisfied with the substance.

• Official online presence
• Some products may have benefits to the skin

Final Thoughts
Without a doubt, many of us may be attracted by the way the Menard products are packaged and presented. However, we believe that substance should always come before appearance when it comes to skincare products. For effective results, scientifically advanced ingredients like Matrixyl 3000® may work wonders in naturally boosting Collagen production rather than relying on exotic natural extracts that come without scientific support.

In the end, we believe it all boils down to what you really want. If it is expensive skin cleansers and creams you are looking for, then you may find much to be excited about with what Menard has to offer. On the other hand, if you want dramatic reduction in wrinkle formation without overpaying, then Menard may be quite disappointing. Although Menard makes many claims, there is little evidence that these products may provide clinically proven and significant results. Instead of concentrating on expensive brand names, we feel consumers may want to look for a specialized anti-wrinkle cream with ingredients backed by clinical data and years of research.

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