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Masada Review Summary

Masada is a manufacturer of Dead Sea Salt based Mineral Bath and Body products. Their line also includes lotions and creams geared toward augmenting skin health, as well as easing skin related issues, like Psoriasis. Masada is reportedly best known for their bath salts, which are designed to tone and revitalize the body, but according to their website, their skincare line is growing in popularity as well. These products often contain all natural extracts and oils, including Aloe Vera, Allantoin, Oat, Chamomile and Eugenol, as well as Vitamins, like Vitamins A and E, which can assist with augmenting antioxidant support and fighting off damage done by free radicals.

According to Masada, their DiabEase Hydrating Skin Therapy cream was designed for daily use. It contains Aloe Vera and Allantoin to reduce inflammation and to soften the skin. But it also contains Dead Sea Minerals and Tea Tree Oil to cleanse and tone the skin matrix. We’ve listed some of their other available products below.


Masada Therapeutic Skin Calming Cream, PsoriaLeve
Masada DiabEase Mineral Therapy Solutions Skin Calming Cream 2.5 oz.
Masada Normal Skin Scrub & Glow
Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts - Tea Tree
Masada DiabEase Hydrating Skin Therapy, Antibacterial Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts (Naturally Unscented), Callus Therapy Cream, 1 Kit
Masada Spa - Mineral Herb Spa, Natural Body Scrub & Glow

Natural Pain Relief

Masada Natural Pain Relief Cream

Dead Sea Mineral Bath

Masada Bath Escapes Bath Salts, Lavender
Masada Bath Escapes Bath Salts, Eucalyptus
Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt Unscented
Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt, Lavender
Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt, Eucalyptus
Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt, Rain Forest

At this time, the Masada product line usually falls in the $20 to $40 price range when it’s not on sale or price break. For instance, their Masada DiabEase Hydrating Skin Therapy is currently retailing for $20.89 on most sites, while Masada's Bath Escapes Bath Salts are now on sale for $8.69.

The Masada website breaks down their product line by category, which includes everything from natural pain relief formulas to dead sea bath salts. They discuss how their products can assist in reducing the skin related symptoms of diabetes and flare ups of Psoriasis. They also have set up an online store so consumers can buy their products directly from them.

Final Facts
Dead Sea Salts are reportedly known for soothing the skin and muscles, and according to Masada, their product line is well known for providing consumers with the best sea mineral based products available. As we saw above, their product line is rather diverse and offers consumers access to formulas that hydrate the skin, sooth skin issues and reduce pain. Their products can be purchased on their website or through various other online retailers, who are said to often offer price breaks and sales.

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