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LightStim Review Summary

LightStim™ is a skincare product that is said to not only reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but also to eliminate acne and rosacea. This product does not come in a cream or lotion, but is actually a hand-held device that illuminates differently lights on the spectrum. The company behind this product claims that the LightStim™’s wavelengths may stimulate skin cell activity, which in turn increases Collagen and Elastin.

We find this concept very interesting and intriguing, but unfortunately, at this time, there is little research to support the claims of this company. However, we will still take a closer look at LightStim™ to determine what anti-aging benefits it may provide.

The Anti-Aging light is said to provide a multitude of benefits. The company claims that this product is safe for all ages and skin types. They stress that it is non-invasive, and a better option than cosmetic surgery or injected dermal fillers.

Photo-rejuvenation is not an exclusive idea derived by this company. This sort of idea has been used to address various skin conditions and issues for some time now. It is thought to work well when eliminating blemishes, broken capillaries or spider veins. Though, its effect on wrinkles has not been as well documented, and it may provide only very limited results.

We also would like to note that this sort of procedure is usually done within a professional office and center, and may be quite expensive. We have to wonder how a product that may be used at home and is much smaller may possibly produce the same sort of results.

There is a LightStim™ website posted for those who are interested in more information about this product. The company posts a lengthy description on this type of procedure, but we would have appreciated if they added more cited research to indicate that LightStim™ has not only been tested for effectiveness, but also for safety.

There are a number of before and after photos posted on the site as well. Though, as of this review, there are only two sets of photos for the anti-aging product, and the people pictured show very little difference in the appearance of wrinkles.

Alternative Options
Those people who feel this product may be more hype than reality may prefer to look into other anti-aging options. We feel a cream with an effective Collagen stimulator may generate more satisfactory results than this light system. Collagen levels decline with age, and are also responsible for the skin’s youthful, plump appearance. The ingredient Matrixyl 3000® is a patented Collagen stimulator, and available in creams now on the market.

• Testimonials posted
• Website displayed
• Currently reduced in price

Final Thoughts
In the end, we believe LightStim™ is a novel idea, and may certainly sound like a useful product to try. It is very tempting to believe that simply holding a light up to the skin may eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. As of this review, the Anti-Aging LightStim™ costs a staggering $329, and this is at a reduced price. Though, the company offers a 90-day return guarantee if people are unsatisfied with results.

Unfortunately, due to the rather high price and lack of cited research, we believe many people are likely to continue their anti-aging product search. We feel there are effective options on the market, but believe that a cream with a patented Collagen stimulator may deliver more satisfactory results.

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