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Lancome Review Summary

Lancome was founded in France 60 years ago as a perfumery, but the company soon expanded to skincare products and color cosmetics. Today the company continues its efforts to create cosmetics to suit every skin type, and its line seems to grow larger every day. Consumers are invited to have their skin assessed either online or at one of their counters in department stores around the world.

Reading the product descriptions of some of Lancome’s products may lead some consumers to believe that it uses only the most state-of-the-art ingredients, but in reality many of its formulas are quite standard. However “advanced” certain products may be marketed, the company unfortunately does not take advantage of some of the latest technology for improving skin’s overall appearance. We will take a closer look below.

Products at a Glance
Some of the products in Lancome’s skincare line include: Pure Focus Toner, Exfoliance Confort, Pure Focus Gel Cream, Bright Expert, High Resolution with Collaser-48 Intenstive Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Serum, and Aqua Fusion Cream.

Products In Focus
High Resolution with Collaser-48 Intenstive Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Serum contains ingredients designed to boost collagen, giving the skin greater firmness and elasticity. According to Lancome’s web site, this product was inspired by laser therapy, and is designed to smooth out lines and wrinkles “from within.” Containing peptides and fresh collagen, it is designed to boost the skin’s own collagen, which tends to decline with age, causing a reduction in firmness. Stimulating the synthesis of new proteins can help to prevent sagging and creasing.

Moisture is another component that is extremely important to healthy-looking skin, but unfortunately High Resolution does not contain an advanced water-binding agent to help retain hydration. This means that many users will require an additional moisturizer, raising the total cost of skincare considerably. For complete anti-aging protection, consumers may want to consider a product that incorporates peptides as well as a moisturizing ingredient like Hyaluronic Acid, which has been shown to provide skin cells with nourishment.

The Lancome website includes several diagnostic tools designed to help women identify their skin type and select the appropriate products. It also includes a section devoted to beauty-related feature stories and new makeup looks. Unfortunately, the site does not devote much space to describing the functions of its main active ingredients. Considering the number of products in Lancome’s skincare line alone, this makes it quite difficult for consumers to determine which products will be most effective, even with the help of the site’s tools.

Like many department store brands, Lancome occasionally offers a bonus gift that includes some if it’s newer products, as well as some old favorites, but this requires a minimum purchase. Once again, given the size of the line, many prospective customers could benefit greatly from a free trial sample of certain products, either through the website or in stores.

• Company does not test on animals
• Products are available through manufacturer’s website
• Some products contain peptides

Final Thoughts
Lancome claims to have a strong commitment to matching the appropriate product to each skin type. Unfortunately, it unintentionally makes the process more difficult for consumers by now providing a clear description of the active ingredients in each product and how they function to improve the skin.

While the skincare line does include some nice ingredients, many of the formulas are just a bit incomplete, causing consumers to purchase two products in order to address the signs of aging and stay hydrated. Rather than spending twice as much, women may want to consider a cream that contains peptides to fight wrinkles as well as a water binding agent for moisture.

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