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La Prairie

La Prairie Review Summary

La Prairie has an extensive line of moisturizers that are formulated to keep the skin hydrated and protected from free radical damage. La Prairie’s prices certainly fit its image as an exclusive, luxury brand, but unfortunately, the line’s formulas can be hit or miss.

La Prairie is a Swiss company whose image is decidedly one of exclusivity and luxury. Focusing on skin care and “the process of graceful aging,” it specializes on cellular treatments that are designed to protect the skin from environmental toxins that hasten the appearance of wrinkles.

Products at a Glance
La Prairie’s line consists of cleansers, toners, moisturizers and treatments, most of which are designed to combat the signs of aging. It also offers a line of color cosmetics with numerous products. Some skin care products include: Cellular Desensitizing Serum, Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, Cellular Wrinkle Cream, Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold, Cellular Eye Contour Cream, Purifying Cream Cleanser and Age Management Balancer.

Products In Focus
La Prairie products also use numerous plant extracts that have been shown to be helpful for some users, but not for others. Interestingly, the Cellular Complex does not seem to contain Matrixyl 3000, the patented ingredient that has been shown to increase collagen production and reduce the appearance of ingredients. All of the company’s creams boast “magnetically-charged waters from the Alps” as one of the Cellular Complex’s key components. Although this certainly sounds exclusive, this water is probably no different than the water found in most products.

Without a complete list of ingredients it is difficult to determine the benefits of La Prairie’s Cellular Wrinkle Cream, although it is equally difficult to imagine what kind of ingredients could possibly justify its $120 price tag.

As one might expect, La Prairie’s website is quite sleek and well designed to suit the company’s image. U. S. residents may consider themselves fortunate, since La Prairie delivers its products within the United States, so consumers may browse and buy online. However, unlike some other manufacturers of high quality skin care products, La Prairie does not offer a free sample, so those who are interested in trying the brand must pay full price, plus shipping and handling. The company does offer a satisfaction guarantee, but will not refund the cost of shipping. Considering the cost of a La Prairie skin care regimen, many may feel that the promised benefits are not worth the potential risk.

• Products contain natural ingredients
• Products are available online through the company website

Final Thoughts
Given La Prairie’s associations with the wealthy and pampered, many consumers may assume that its products contain only the most advanced ingredients. Unfortunately, the company offers little insight into what exactly its treatments contain.

A little research reveals that although many La Prairie creams contain some nice moisturizing ingredients, few contain an active collagen booster to help fill in existing lines and wrinkles. Women who are interested in trying the most advanced treatment to help counteract the signs of aging may want to consider a more reasonably-priced cream, from a company that passes scientific muster.

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