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Juvena Review Summary

Juvena is a Swiss company that was founded over 50 years ago and has since expanded around the world. When the first Juvena cream was introduced, greasy, heavy creams were the norm. Because of its lightweight feel, “Active Moist” was an instant success, and propelled the company’s research even further.

Today, Juvena is still associated with exclusivity and the lightweight feel of its creams. However, it does approach customer service in a slightly different way than most luxury brands. Consumers, who are not satisfied, for any reason, may simply return the product that they purchased to a local retailer, and they will receive a product of the same value from another name brand for free. This is a generous offer, but most consumers would rather feel confident about their purchases from the beginning, before parting with their money.

Products at a Glance
Some of the products in Juvena’s line include: Daily Recreation Shower Gel, Moisture Light Cream, Mild Deo Stick, Renewing Serum, Renewing Eye Cream, Night Cream Plus, Moisture Elixer, Fluid Cleanser, Tonic Lotion, Age Control Day, Pure Performance, Lipid Specialist, Quick and Easy Make-Up Remover, and Energy Mask.

Products In Focus
Juvena’s Night Cream Plus is designed to hydrate the skin, as well as encourage restoration during the night. Since this product is formulated for mature skin, Juvena promises that it will help to counteract the effects of hormonal changes and environmental influences. It also claims that Night Cream Plus will help to soften wrinkles thanks to pearl proteins, which help to replenish amino acids in the skin. The idea of applying pearls to the skin certainly sounds glamorous, but amino acid peptides complexes such as Matrixyl have been shown to be more reliable for stimulating collagen production and increasing skin firmness.

It is slightly difficult to accurately assess the formulas in Juvena’s line because the product descriptions offer only minimal information. While they may list one or two key ingredients, consumers, and particularly those with sensitive skin, can still benefit from a more complete picture of how each product works.

Those interested in trying Juvena products may be disappointed to learn that the website does not offer online shopping. As with many luxury brands, Juvena products are typically only available in metropolitan areas.

• Website includes a glossary of ingredients
• Website includes skin care tips

Final Thoughts
Juvena goes a step beyond many luxury brands by including sections on skin care as well as an ingredient glossary on its website. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go quite far enough in supplying consumers with all of the information they need in order to determine which products are most appropriate for their skin type.

While the company’s exchange policy shows a commitment to customer service, Juvena could help shoppers to avoid confusion by posting a more comprehensive list of ingredients for each website. This is particularly important considering that some customers may have to do a bit of traveling in order to locate a retailer.

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