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IOPE Review Summary

IOPE is a Korean cosmetics company that does not seem to have an official English-language based website. At this time, we could only locate a Korean-language based website. However, a handful of third-party retailers do seem to carry their products. One of such websites claims that IOPE is an “honest brand based on a philosophy of being faithful to fundamental product values.”

IOPE products range from specific anti-wrinkle topical applications to skin whitening products. However, we have a feeling that when it comes to effective reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, there may be better products and ingredients out there. Therefore, we will take a closer look at some IOPE products to determine if they may be any better than their competitors.

Products at a Glance
It seems that IOPE promotes numerous skincare products. However, since we could not locate an official mouthpiece for the company, we could not verify the exact number of products. Some of the popular ones seem to be the following: IOPE Retinol TX (formerly known as Retinol Innovation 2500), IOPE Magic Effector Age Defense Eye Balm, IOPE Lifting Solution Eye Cream, IOPE Pore Control Serum, IOPE Water Control Cream/Serum, IOPE Hydro 7030 Serum and so on.

Products in Focus
Retinol TX seems to be their champion anti-wrinkle formula. It is said that Retinol TX contains Retinotox™, which supplies intensified Retinol. The topical cream is also said to contain 32.9% plant extracts, some of which may be as follows: Gourd, Papaya, Grape Leaf, Green Tea, Shea Butter, Grapefruit Extract and son. It is clear that these plant extracts are all too common. The key ingredient here seems to be Retinol.

Retinol is an animal form of Vitamin A; as such it has been found to be crucial in vision and bone growth. It is found in a precursor form in animal sources like Liver and Eggs while plant sources like Carrots or Spinach also contain pro-Vitamin A Carotenoids. As such, eating such foods as mentioned above, may be a good source of Vitamin A. While it may have some benefits as part of a dietary supplement, we could not find much evidence linking it to skincare.

We believe that the manufacturers could have more effectively provided consumers with information if they had put up an exclusive and official website on each of the products. However, we could only locate official IOPE website as of this review, which as mentioned above was not available in English. We generally prefer buying directly from manufacturer, either through exclusive product websites or through generic manufacturer websites, as it eliminates the middlemen and reduces prices. Furthermore, buying direct also means less hassle when it comes to returns, refunds and overall customer service issues. Unfortunately, IOPE consumers may not have these options.

• Markets specific anti-wrinkle topical applications

Final Thoughts
Therefore, as far as effectively reducing the visible signs of aging like wrinkles and fines lines goes, we believe IOPE products fail to be impressive. We believe an anti-aging cream will need to provide more than essential vitamins or exotic oils to produce the types of results people are looking for.

Hence, an alternative may be to research on other topical creams. As we age, our supply of Collagen also depletes. The skin starts losing its ability to replenish new tissues and age lines and wrinkles start to form. When this happens, it is necessary to ensure that the skin is getting properly hydrated and moisturized. There may be some effective products that not only contain Real Collagen but also has ingredient like Matrixyl 3000®, which is proven to naturally boost the body’s production of Collagen. Such products may be among the best available anti-aging products.

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