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Hydroxatone – Anti Wrinkle AM/PM Cream

Hydroxatone – Anti Wrinkle AM/PM Cream Review Summary

Hydroxatone is currently the top rated, award winning anti-wrinkle complex on the market. Hydroxatone® has gained a lot of media attention lately because the formula contains the most effective and exciting ingredients for reversing the look of wrinkles. We feel, no other formula has combined these ingredients into one cream and the enthusiastic customer word of mouth has been spreading quickly. The formula combines both of the only clinically proven & patented ingredients for reversing the appearance of face wrinkles; Argireline® and Matrixyl 3000®, and combines them with SPF for sun protection. If your goal is to reduce the look of wrinkles, this truly an effective and results driven product.

The makers of Hydroxatone® offer a great money back guarantee so that customers can test the formula before committing to it. This is an extremely fair program and shows that they are extremely confident in their product.

About the Hydroxatone Ingredients®
The Hydroxatone® website contains a thorough amount of research and clinical data for each of the four main ingredients. This is very valuable information to provide to customers, so they know why their anti-wrinkle cream will actually work.

What separates Hydroxatone® is that the formula combines all four of the most effective ingredients for wrinkle reduction: Matrxyl 3000®+ Argireline® + SPF + Hyuloronic Acid

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Matrixyl 3000®
Matrixyl 3000® is one of the only patented ingredients used in anti-wrinkle creams that has also been used in multiple clinical trials. Most formulas don’t contain Matrixyl 3000® because it is a very expensive substance.

Matrixyl 3000® smoothens and lifts the look of skin. Smoothens and lifts the look of skin, while promoting collagen production. In clinical trials we found online, Matrixyl 3000® was proven to:

• decrease wrinkle density by 68%
• decrease the volume of wrinkles by 56%
• decrease the depth of wrinkles by 60%

SPF protects your skin from the sun. Most people don’t wear sunscreen every day even though it is common knowledge that the sun is the number one cause of facial wrinkles. We feel Hydroxatone® contains the perfect amount of SPF to shields against UVA/UVB rays which will help prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, while the other ingredients reverse the look of0 existing wrinkles. Matrixyl 3000® remarkably encourages skin tissue to restore itself to a more youthful strength.

Argireline® is also a patented anti-wrinkle ingredient with proven clinical success. It reduces the look of depth of wrinkles on the face caused by the contraction of muscles from facial expressions, especially around the eyes, mouth, and on the forehead. Argireline® represents a breakthrough in cosmetic science, because of its remarkable speed in anti-wrinkle activity. Argireline®, helps relax muscle fibers to reduce the look of surface wrinkles. In some reports, Argireline® can may reduce the look of wrinkles by 60% or more and it is said to be completely non-toxic.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Hydroxatone® also contains HA. This ingredient is virtually unmatched in hydrating the skin because of its ability to retain water more effectively that any other natural substance. Supplementation of HA provides increased smoothness, softening, elasticity and decreased facial wrinkles. HA retains facial skin hydration and lubrication, provides nutrients and a decreased appearance of facial wrinkles

The Pros of Hydroxatone®
• The only product we’ve seen that contains Matrixyl 3000®, Argireline® and SPF – the most effective and exciting ingredients for reversing the look of wrinkles.
• They have the most enthusiastic customer testimonials we have seen.
• Clinical data illustrates that Hydroxatone® can work quickly and effectively.
• The customer service is easily accessible to assist you.
• You can try it risk free

The Cons of Hydroxatone®
• No real Cons to this product.

The strengths of Hydroxatone® are evident. The fact that it combines both of the only clinically proven & patented ingredients, Argireline® and Matrixyl 3000®, with SPF makes it a superior formula. In our opinion, no other product does this because of cost and manufacturing time restraints. Clinical data that your formula works says it all...and Hydroxatone® provides ample proof.

At the end of the day, they are so confident in their product, they offer a very generous money-back guarantee. We definitely recommend giving Hydroxatone® a try if you are looking for a superior anti-wrinkle cream.

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