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Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein Review Summary

Helena Rubinstein is a venerable cosmetics company that has been in business since Helena herself introduced the first skin cream over 100 years ago. Since then, the company has striven to provide the ultimate in luxury skincare by introducing products with exclusive formulas at comparably exclusive prices. Drawing on advances in medicine and dermatology in particular, Helena Rubinstein focuses on the skin issue that concerns women most: aging. In order to address the complex combination of factors that detract from skin’s youthful appearance, the company developed its Age Correcor program, featuring treatments designed to target the signs of aging.

In spite of this targeted strategy, some industry experts still argue that Helena Rubinstein products have become increasingly similar to products in Lancome’s line ever since the company was acquired by L’Oreal Group.

Products At A Glance
Like other luxury brands, the Helena Rubinstein line offers an enormous array of products. In addition to color cosmetics and sun protection, it also has a vast skin care line including: Delicate Cleansing Milk, Fresh Honey Tonic, C-Genius Cream, Hydro Urgency, Pore Genius, Mat Specialist, Prodigy, Gold Future, Life Pearl, Collagenist, Power A. Day, Face Sculptor, Future White, and Throat Sculptor.

Products In Focus
With Collagenist, the company attempts to offer a topical alternative to Botox injections by addressing skin’s “support bed” beneath the surface. This product also promises to be the next best thing to a collagen injection by stimulating renewal at nighttime, when regeneration is at its peak.

Collagenist is designed for women 35 and older, since after this age the skin tends to lose its elasticity due to a slowdown in skin cell renewal and the reduction of collagen. Collagen helps the skin retain the appearance of youth by maintaining its firmness and strength. According to the Helena Rubinstein website, when we are young, collagen may represent as much as 70% of skin’s mass. Unfortunately, this product does not make use of some of the newer anti-aging technology. For example, peptides, rather than soy protein, are now considered to be one of the most promising collagen-boosting ingredients.

Helena Rubinstein’s website is packed with information about the company’s history and its products. It even includes a small glossary providing more detailed definitions of common dermatology terms such as “antioxidant” and “photo-aging.” Unlike most luxury cosmetics that loosely allude to its ingredients, Helena Rubinstein’s website offers a complete list.

Visitors may also sign up for interactive features, such as a regular newsletter that notifies consumers about new products and innovations, or access to its customizable “My Boudoir” site. This password-protected page offers a fee skin assessment, and makes product suggestions.

As entertaining and informative as its sounds, Helena Rubinstein’s website is missing a key feature: shopping. Needless to say, this means that the company does not offer online or volume discounts for its customers. This means that those interested in a particular Helena Rubinstein must either scour the internet, or subject themselves to the full-court press at the cosmetics counter.

• Website posts a complete list of ingredients
• Contains ingredients designed to boost collagen
• Website posts a glossary of ingredients and terms

Final Thoughts
Helena Rubinstein is an old name in the skin care industry. However, the sheer number of wrinkle formulas it produces may cause consumers to wonder why they couldn’t get it right with just one. While some do contain peptides, it is difficult to know whether they contain enough to make a significant improvement.

In spite of this brand’s venerable history, the redundancy of some of its products suggests that recently it has devoted more of its resources to marketing rather than innovation.

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