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Gisele Delorme

Gisele Delorme Review Summary

Worldwide the cosmetic and skincare industry is a growth market, which has produced a high level of competition among developers. This rivalry has resulted in some remarkably effective products, as well as in some high performing ingredients, including peptides; however, there are also some pedestrian products taking up space on store shelves. For this reason, we always suggest taking a hard look at the formulas used in a skincare or anti-aging products. A product’s formula almost always holds the keys to its effectiveness.

Gisele Delorme’s product line consists of cosmetics, skincare and anti-aging formulas that are distributed in five continents, but they can still be hard to find in the US marketplace. Nevertheless, due to the accessibility online shopping offers, they are steadily gaining popularity with consumers, so let’s take a look at this product line to see exactly what it has to offer.

Products at a Glance
The Gisele Delorme Paris product line includes the following items: cosmetics and make-up products, non-medicated hair lotions, shampoos, hair conditioners, and non-medicated soaps. They also have a line of face and body care products that includes the following items: creams, cleansing lotions, paste masks, wrinkle smoothing creams, body scrubs, body milks and suntan preparations.

Products in Focus
The Gisele Delorme line is best known for their use of essential oils and vitamins in their Anti-Aging Serum, Hair Mask and Green Tea Shampoo. However, this developer fails to disclose what essential oils or vitamins are used in their skincare products. Perhaps this information is not as important in Europe as it is in the US, but Americans tend to want to know exactly what is in their skincare products to ensure quality, effectiveness and safety.

Some consumers actively seek out formulas that use vitamins and essential oils that are rich in antioxidant support, because it has been shown to be able to fend off free radical damage, as well as ease photo aging. This is an important issue, because the sun, environmental toxins and smoking all degrade skin quality due to free radical damage that can instigate reduced production of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. Some developers will use Vitamin C to help the skin naturally increase its resistance to free radicals and photo damage, or Green Tea to increase antioxidant support. It would have been very helpful to know exactly what elements are used in this formula.

Some international developers provide a translation feature on their websites, so that consumers in other countries can quickly and easily access information about their products. However, Gisele Delorme Paris has not provided this feature, so consumers must rely upon their browser’s translation feature, which may not be completely accurate. Besides the fact that they have not disclosed their products formulas, this is one of our biggest issues with Gisele Delorme Paris. We believe that the availability and accessibility of product-related information is a feature that is vital to assuring a products quality and safety.

• Varied product line

Final Thoughts
Many Americans assume that products created by French manufacturers are superior to American made products, but this is not always the case. In fact, regardless of where a product is manufactured, it is its formula that provides the keys to its overall effectiveness. It would have been very helpful to know exactly what elements are used in the Gisele Delorme skincare line.

However, this is actually unnecessary, because there are already some quality and effective formulas on the anti-aging market, for which information is readily and easily available. We have found that the more effective anti-aging products contain peptide combinations that can increase Collagen and Elastin production, as well as extreme hydrators such as Hyaluronic Acid. Those products that contain such elements and come with money-back guarantees from the manufacturer may be among the best available.

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