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GH3 Rejuv

GH3 Rejuv Review Summary

GH3 Rejuv Crème is an anti-aging cream manufactured by NuCell Formulas, a maker of various skincare products. This product is said to be “a powerful natural skin cream that contains a high concentration of vital nutrient antioxidants, cell rejuvenators and natural moisturizers.” A product description invites consumers to “use it any place your skin needs healing, rejuvenation or new, healthy cells.”

While this product seems to include some valuable skincare ingredients, we cannot help but feel that it lacks a full lineup of potent materials. Some of the ingredients used in this product, in fact, seem to be irrelevant to the problem of aging. It is our belief that the best products are maximized through every single top-quality ingredient. We were disappointed, then, that this product seems to deliver ingredients of inconsistent quality. We will assess this product for its true ability to minimize wrinkles and improve skin.

Ingredients at a Glance
This formulation may contain some of the following ingredients: Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Carnosine, DMAE, Panthenol, and Hyaluronic Acid. Apparently, there are additional ingredients in this product, but the manufacturer states, “We don’t want to bore you with words.”

Ingredients in Focus
We would have preferred that the manufacturer “bore us with words,” rather than provide an incomplete ingredient list. It is our opinion that full disclosure of a product’s ingredients is very important, and should be fully available to consumers. We were pleased to discover the ingredient Hyaluronic Acid among this product’s ingredients, since it is considered one of the most important anti-aging components available. Hyaluronic Acid, which decreases with age, is known to supply the skin with youthful moisture. However, we were rather puzzled by ingredients such as L-Carnosine, which do not seem to have a well-known function as an anti-aging component.

According to one researcher, L-Carnosine is commonly used to improve “socialization and receptive vocabulary in children with autism.” We do not understand how this relates to aging skin. The promotional materials for this product state that L-Carnosine “prevents skin collagen cross-linking, which leads to loss of elasticity and wrinkles.” However, we believe that a more direct approach to Collagen restoration is to include Collagen itself in the product. We were surprised that this product does not appear to do so.

The Website for this company appears to be rather confusing, crowded, and lacking in brand identity. Upon typing in the company’s URL, the consumer is directed to a company called “Healthy Habits, LLC.” This site contains a long list of various types of products. We were disappointed to discover that there do not appear to be any consumer testimonials on this site. It is our belief that consumer testimonials can be crucial in gathering relevant information prior to making a purchase. We also feel that authentic testimonials lend credibility to a manufacturer and its products.

• Contains Hyaluronic Acid
• Is said to regenerate Collagen

Final Thoughts
We believe that although this product has a few positive characteristics, it is not uniformly strong enough to deliver consistent results. We feel that one good ingredient is not enough; the truly superior skincare products contain a full roster of advanced ingredients. In particular, we would have preferred to see ingredients such as Collagen and Argireline featured in this product.

We also are of the firm belief that consumer testimonials can speak volumes about a product’s quality. We feel that the positive endorsements of consumers are very meaningful in gauging a product effectiveness.

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