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Feiya Cosmetics

Feiya Cosmetics Review Summary

Anyone who has started looking for skincare or anti-aging product will no doubt agree that there’s a variety of choices available in terms moisturizers, toners, wrinkle creams and lotions in the aisle of your local department and drug stores, as well as online. They all purport to be able to lessen wrinkles, as well as prevent or turn around damage that has been done by the sun, environmental toxins, cigarette smoke and stress.

The Feiya Cosmetics line is predominantly sold through their website, but they suggest that they have had trouble with retailers selling “fake” products. They devote a fair amount of time and space discussing this on their website. While it may be true, it also lends this line an air of effectiveness that may or may not be warranted depending upon the elements used in their formula. The only way we know of to ascertain the real level of a product’s effectiveness, is to take a hard look at their formula, which is exactly what we intend to do.

Products at a Glance
Feiya Cosmetics line may contain some of the following items: Feiya Day Cream, Feiya Night Cream, Valanna Day Cream, Valanna Night Cream, Batsuna Day Cream and Batsuna Night Cream.

Products in Focus
Batsuna Day Cream is one of their most heavily promoted products, and it is purported to be able “dissolve and eliminate black spots, freckles and pimples caused by bacterial infection,” as well as “breakdown melanin to make the skin become whiter.” It also supposedly offers antioxidant support, due to its high vitamin content. In fact, Batsuna Day Cream contains Vitamin A, D and E for this purpose. These elements are all known to be able to increase antioxidant support in the skin tissue, which may allow the body fend off damage done by the sun and pollution.

It also contains natural Bearberry Extract, which is used partially for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. However, there is also a small body of research that suggests that it has some skin-lightening properties, due to its Hydroquinone and Arbutin content. Hydrouinone has been shown in research to have certain melanin inhibiting abilities, but the same can not be said for Arbutin. That said, most skincare products that contain Bearberry Extract use very small amounts of it, which are unlikely to affect melanin production. At the time of this review, the information on this website did not contradict this conclusion.

Many of the Feiya skincare products have one thing in common—they seek to increase skin brightness and reduce issues related to hyperpigmentation, such as age spots. They are not geared toward addressing other signs of aging, such as dryness, wrinkles and facial lines. Individuals who are looking to address these issues may wish to look into products that use more effective anti-aging agents, such as Hyaluronic Acid, as well as Collagen replenishing technology that includes elements like Real Collagen.

• Contains a great deal of antioxidant support
• Moderately priced

Final Thoughts
According to the Feiya Cosmetics website, some of their customers have experienced side effects and allergic reactions, and while we applaud that they provide this information, we suggest that individuals with sensitive skin tread carefully. That said, the greatest selling point of this product line may be that the products offer a great deal of antioxidant support, which is very helpful when trying to protect the skin against free radicals.

However, according to our research, this line has little ability to directly prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines. This may then make it necessary for people to integrate yet another product into their routine if they wish to address this aspect of skin aging as well. However, there are some effective multi spectrum products available to individual that can be both cost and time effective. Often such products come from industry-award-winning companies that are more than willing to provide the complete details of their ingredients. We believe that if a product is truly effective, a company should not have to hide its ingredients behind names.

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