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Facial Toner – Restores Face to Youthful Levels

Facial Toner – Restores Face to Youthful Levels Review Summary

Now that it is finally available in America, this is a product we are very excited to review and use our selves. The Facial Toner™ is the newest technological breakthrough recently cleared by the FDA to help stop your facial muscles from weakening. This product has been a huge hit in London where it was first released. Around the age of 30 face muscles get weaker, causing your face to sag and lose its youthful appearance. By utilizing stimulation technology, the device works by targeting the facial muscles by sending tiny electrical pulses to facial nerves causing the muscles to contract naturally. By mimicking the body's natural muscle movements, this device rejuvenates the muscles and helps to restore your younger appearance. This technology has been used for over 30 years in the medical industry as well as elite salons and spas, to improve muscle movement and appearance. Facial Toner™ targets the Mimetic muscles in the eyes, lips, cheeks and mouth to exhilarate the youthful look lost with aging. We like that Facial Toner™ provides long term benefits that are healthy, non-invasive, and don’t come with expensive ongoing costs. In fact, one treatment of a popular injection like Botox or the filler Juviderm can cost more than the one-time expense of a Facial Toner™.

Be sure to check out the official Facial Toner™ website at – it is very impressive and gives you all the information you need.

Often referred to as microcurrent facials, EMS facial toners were priced around $2,000 and were only to be found in medical facilities, elite spas and salons that had to be administered by trained and certified therapists. The average cost to the consumer for one treatment is $100, and in the beginning you get the treatments often. Once you achieve your results, a small maintenance program is all that is needed, but as you can see this can be very costly. Now that Facial Toner™ is FDA Cleared for direct to consumer sales, it is finally available in America and now these treatments can be done in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost for professional EMS treatments....and there is no need to step a foot into a spa or salon.

When Facial Toner™ was first released in the UK, they made their debut exclusively at the prestigious, Harrods of London department store. Within a few short weeks, Facial Toner™ was the top selling product in their Beauty Apothecary Department. In fact, the demand for this product was so high that they quickly ran out of stock and had a 2,000 person waiting list for the Facial Toner™.

Click Here To Check Out The Facial Toner™ Website and See Some Good Before and After Pictures.

EMS technology was first utilized in medical settings, and the company that manufactures Facial Toner™ has been manufacturing EMS devices for medical offices and for consumer use for over 50 years. With all these years of manufacturing experience in these settings, it's no wonder people trust their ergonomically engineered devices. With Facial Toner™ there are no harmful chemical injections, or cosmetic surgery and does not require a certified technician to operate.

Facial Toner™ uses a headset that comfortably fits behind the neck and positions pads on both sides of the face just in front of the ears. This precise location specifically targets facial nerves that branch out to the muscles that control the eyes, nose, lips, cheeks and mouth. The pleasant electronic signals tell the muscles to slowly contract and hold the muscular tension for a short time and then relax the muscles with ease. These contractions are described as smooth and delightful. Some of those that have used Facial Toner report that it feels like a massage and are left with a euphoric feeling after their session is complete. Facial Toner offers 3 different beauty programs with; 10, 15 and 20 minute sessions. This way you can do the program that fits in best your current schedule. In addition to these programs, the user can increase the intensity of each session so they will be sure to continue their progress for years to come. Just like with any exercise program where you keep advancing, with Facial Toner™ as your facial muscles get stronger, you can keep increasing the intensity to further results.

The official website has a very detailed Interactive Tool that you can use to see how it works the different facial muscles and what results you can expect to see from it.

Click Here To Visit The Website today.

Facial Toner realizes that women are not the only ones that want to reduce the appearance of sagging muscles of the face, which is why the device comes in two different models; one for women and another for men. One of the best features to highlight is the convenience and discretion of the device. The compact unit can be used while doing a large array of activities, from working, traveling on an airplane, cooking, watching television; working on the computer...just about anytime and anywhere.

One Facial Toner for Him or for Her costs $299.99. Similar treatments offered in elite spas and salons cost at least this price for only one to two visits. An additional Facial Toner for a friend or loved one will accommodate you with $50 savings.

1 - Facial Toner = $299.99
2 - Facial Toner = $574.98 ($25 savings)

Having an additional toning unit for a loved one provides you with an excellent savings and is a great way for you both to experience the benefits of rediscovering your youth together. Whether you decide to purchase an additional toner or not, your Facial Toner™ will come with a 2 year guarantee, and any order can be returned for a 100% refund within 60 days - no questions asked. With little risk and guarantees in a product like this, it's a difficult proposition to turn down.

As stated before, you can own a Facial Toner™ for the same price as just one visit to get your Botox® or Juviderm®. So why not get something for yourself that comes with FDA Cleared, Clinically Demonstrated results that are long-lasting, healthy and painless.

Click Here To Check Out the Official Facial Toner™ Website and Learn More.

Website in Focus
Facial Toner's VERY impressive contemporary website features a well presented video, before and after photos, and an interactive tool that allows you to see how the toning device works on the different muscles of the face. This tool also allows the user to see before and after effects that not only show the musculature of the face, but display how wrinkles dissipate with the use of Facial Toner™. We encourage people to check out the elaborate site to see for yourself how Facial Toner™ can prevent sagging facial muscles, and restore your face to its youthful appearance.

• can be used almost anywhere at anytime
• designed to target the facial muscles in the exact location
• it's the first and only device of it's kind to be FDA cleared
• very cost effective – a one time spend as opposed to several spa treatments
• uses medical grade gel pads without needing messy lubricants
• It does all the work – you can go about your day while wearing Facial Toner™
• no surgery, foreign chemical injections, or office visits
• advanced medical grade technology
• manufactured by a company that has been making similar devices for over 50 years
• 2 year warranty
• 60 day one back guarantee

• The 60 day money back guarantee is only available for those that make their purchase on their official website
• Gel pads need to be replaced every 2 months...but they only cost $29.99

Final Thoughts
With Facial Toner™, there are no office visits to trained therapist, no risky foreign chemical injections, no expensive surgery and recovery time required. Facial Toner™ is clinically demonstrated and FDA cleared, so consumers can rest assured that they are getting the highest quality device that delivers the safest and most effective facial toning product on the market today.

Facial Toner™ puts the power of lifting sagging facial muscles to rejuvenate a youthful appearance, in the hands of the consumer. Similar treatments can only be found in elite spas and salons which can end up costing thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time. Consumers can be confident with their cost-effective purchase because of the two year warrantee and the 60 money back guarantee. Facial Toner™ is perfect for men and women that don't care to visit salons and spas, those that are pressed for time and anyone that wants to have a healthier and younger looking face. At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose by trying this product that will deliver noticeable results in just weeks. If you are not satisfied, just get your money back -- which is not an option with your most recent Injection or Filler…

We recommend Facial Toner™ -- Click Here To Visit Their Website Now

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