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Face Master Toning System

Face Master Toning System Review Summary

FaceMaster Toning System is a skincare product promoted by actress Suzanne Somers, who also was the pitchwoman for the “Thigh Master”. This equipment is said to “stimulate and tone facial muscles to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” This product is said to use “micro-currents of electrical energy” in order to “wake up your face!”

While Suzanne Somers is certainly an attractive woman, we urge individuals not to automatically be dazzled by “celebrity endorsements” of beauty products. While the glamour of Hollywood holds a strong allure for the general public, the reality is that many stars have had “extra help.” Suzanne Somers herself, apparently, has been called into question for reported dishonesties about her plastic surgery history. While we do not judge plastic surgery, we find it to be disingenuous for a celebrity to seemingly falsely attribute her youthfulness to a product she is marketing. In addition, we are concerned about the fact that other people do not seem to give this product rave reviews. We will assess this somewhat unconventional method for its true ability to “turn back the clock” on aging.

Products at a Glance
The Face Master Toning System appears to consist of the Face Master equipment, as well as “Electrolyte Conductive Solution,” 100 foam caps, and a 9 volt battery. Also included is a 1.2 oz. bottle of Collagen Enhancing Serum with Peptides.

Products in Focus
We cannot help but wonder why, if the Face Master is so effective, there would be a need for the “Collagen Enhancing Serum with Peptides.” We feel that if this apparatus were truly as powerful at age-reversal as it claims, no additional products would be needed. We believe that Collagen is one of the more advanced anti-aging ingredients currently available, but we are not certain that this product even contains Collagen. Based on what we have observed, it seems that this product includes ingredients designed to generate Collagen. Particularly if this product is acquired as part of the $149 Face Master Kit, we would expect it to have only the most advanced ingredients. We are aware of some products that include authentic, fresh Collagen, as well as other advanced ingredients, like Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl 3000®.

The Website for this product is rather informative, well-designed and professional in appearance. However, it seems to rely quite heavily on the celebrity endorsement of Suzanne Somers. We would hasten to remind people that Somers has apparently been accused of being dishonest about her own facial cosmetic work. According to one article, “Suzanne Somers has been caught lying AGAIN about how she keeps up her youthful looks, downplaying that plastic surgery played a part in her age-defying appearance.”

Apparently, in an interview with TV’s Larry King, Somers initially insisted that hers is a “real face,” but then admitted to using BOTOX®. “Everybody does that,” she apparently said. Somers was reportedly spotted later leaving a plastic surgery clinic for liposuction. We are also rather discouraged by some negative consumer reviews that we find about this product. One person reports, “I tried using the face master system. I saw no improvement. If you already have loose skin (around eyes), nothing but surgery cures that.”

• Comes with “Collagen Enhancing Serum”
• Claims to “exercise the face” with “microcurrents” of electricity
• Comes with an instructional DVD manual

Final Thoughts
We believe individuals would be wise to remember that all is not as it seems in the illusory world of Hollywood. Many actresses claim to possess an unusually young look due to the products they are shilling, when in reality, they have had significant work done.

It appears that for most people, this product does not seem to yield the same groundbreaking results. We believe that many women may be better off with a quality skin cream or serum that includes ingredients such as Collagen, Matrixyl 3000® and Hyaluronic Acid.

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