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Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Review Summary

Estee Lauder, the founder of what is now a major cosmetics empire, started her business with a single jar of face cream that was mixed by her uncle, a chemist. Today, its products are sold in over 100 countries, and the company now owns over a dozen other brands, including Clinique, Aveda, and La Mer.

Despite its standing as a cosmetics giant, Estee Lauder still continues to develop its own core skincare line with the help of some of the leading chemists in the country. Each of the products promises luxurious results, but these come at luxurious prices. There are a few gems in this line, but choosing between them presents a major challenge to most consumers.

Products At A Glance
Anyone who has ever strolled among the cosmetics counters at any major department store is likely familiar with Estee Lauder’s color cosmetics, fragrances, and skin care products. Although the brand periodically phases out shades of lipstick and eye shadow, the skin care line shows no sign of slowing. A few of its products include: Perfectly Clean Light Lotion Cleanser, Idealist Refinishing Eye Serum, So Moist Hydrating Facial, DayWear Plus Multi-Protection Antioxidant, Re-Nutriv Intense Lifting Cream, Perfectionist Peel, Verite Calming Fluid, Spotlight Skin Tone Perfector, and Go Tan.

Products In Focus
According to the description of Re-Nutriv Intensive Lifting Cream, this product is the culmination of the company’s years of research. It promises to have skin looking and feeling smoother instantly, thanks to reflective particles and hydrating ingredients. Although the web site claims that Re-Nutriv Intensive Lifting Cream contains a total of 54 ingredients, it names only a few. While a greater number of ingredients can certainly make a product more expensive, they do not necessarily make it more effective.

While Estee Lauder creams generally contain nice moisture-binding and antioxidant ingredients, it is difficult to imagine what additional ingredients could account for Re-Nutriv Intensive Lifting Cream’s luxury price. The company makes no mention of collagen, which dermatologists generally agree represents the key to firm skin. Although some manufacturers rely on soy proteins to boost collagen production, some scientists now believe that peptides provide the best topical alternative to expensive (and potentially dangerous) plastic surgery or injections.

It’s no surprise that a company the size of Estee Lauder would have a beautifully designed web site that is quite easy to navigate. Unfortunately, the design does little to make sense of the company’s many similar-sounding products. Despite the great potential for confusion, none of the product descriptions include a list of ingredients.

Generally, products that contain a truly innovative formula post this information prominently, as it is in the best interest of the consumer to understand the science behind it. Perhaps Estee Lauder believes that consumers assume that a high price implies results.

Periodically, Estee Lauder will offer in-store bonuses, which include samples of skincare products, some color cosmetics and fragrances. However, these promotions require a minimum purchase of sometimes around $20 and are rarely available online.

• Does not test on animals
• Products are available online

Final Thoughts
Estee Lauder has been in business for over 60 years and is inarguably one of the most successful cosmetics companies in the world. While it does have some truly impressive products, others are simply redundant. Its high prices and lack of trial samples ensure an elite clientele, but again, this does not necessarily mean that all of its products are sure to turn back the hands of time.

Before investing in a wrinkle cream, women may want to do a bit of research, and look for a product that freely discloses its ingredients, and backs them up with hard scientific evidence. In the end, seek the most modern ingredients to yield the best results all at a value.

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