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Dr. Denese

Dr. Denese Review Summary

Dr. Denese is the founder of the Manhattan Anti-Aging Clinic and the creator of a skincare line. The doctor claims that her methods are clinically proven and dramatically different from conventional cosmetic companies. She says she has assisted thousands of women fight the effects of aging. While she doesn’t mention men having used her methods, her products do not seem gender biased, and may work the same for both men and women.

All of Dr. Denese’s products are sold through QVC. We will take a close look at her skincare line to determine if her products may be capable of generating younger, vibrant looking skin, as she claims.

Products at a Glance
Dr. Denese recommends a skincare regimen for both day and night. In the morning, the steps include: 1) cleanse/tone, 2) wrinkle prevention treatment, 3) hydration, 4) eyes, 5) neck treatment, 6) protection (SPF), 7) self tanning on face, 8) Color cosmetics.

At night, the steps include: 1) cleanse/tone, 2) exfoliate, 3) skin stimulation, 4) hydration, 5) eyes, 6) wrinkle treatment, 7) firming treatment, 8) eyes, 9) lips, 10) neck and 11) body.

Of course, the doctor has separate day and night products to go along with each of these steps. We find that this process may be time intensive, complicated and not to mention expensive, considering all the different products that people would have to purchase.

Products in Focus
Often, one of the biggest concerns women have is the prevention and correction of wrinkles. Dr. Denese has several products that are meant to successfully address this issue. Her Triple Strength Deep Line Peptide Serum is part of the morning regimen, and advertised “to treat the visible deep, defined lines and wrinkles caused by everyday repeated facial expressions, especially around the mouth, eyes, and forehead.” Like all of Dr. Denese’s products, the complete ingredient list for this serum is not posted online at time of review. Though, we know that it contains Retinol.

Many women may be hesitant to purchase a product before reviewing a complete ingredient list. We find that the information is necessary and should be presented to those who wish to ensure the quality of the product, and to avoid potential allergic reactions. There are manufacturers out there who make sure that individuals have access to this information.

Retinol, the disclosed ingredient in this product, is contained within many anti-aging products, since it is said to rejuvenate the skin by peeling away the top layer. This process is meant to reveal the younger, fresher looking skin below the surface, and is also said to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Though, studies show that it may not have a significant effect on wrinkles, and it also may cause excessive dryness and sensitivity to the sun.

Dr. Denese posts an accessible website that displays information about herself and the products she promotes. Though, all of her products must be purchased off the QVC website. Since there are no ingredient lists posted at this time, it is obvious that this website is missing essential information. Though, there is a product description offered for every cream and lotion in her line, and the doctor also posts her recommended order of use. We would have liked to see testimonials from past users, and cited research to indicate that this skincare line has been tested and reviewed for safety and effectiveness. Unfortunately, neither consumer reviews, nor cited research are posted on the site as of review.

• Website posted
• Line developed by a doctor

Final Thoughts
In the end, the Dr. Denese skincare line was developed by a professional, and may provide some skincare benefits. The line offers cleansers, toners, moisturizers and more, so individuals will have plenty of products to choose from.

However, as an anti-aging defense, we feel creams that offer a sub-dermal approach may be the most successful in eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. A product that contains the patented ingredient, Matrixyl 3000®, may be better equipped to address the concerns that are associated with anti-aging.

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