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Diadermine Review Summary

Diadermine is skin care line that boasts of several wrinkle creams that will generate powerful anti-aging results. This line is said to be developed by dermatologists, which may seem very attractive to some individuals who prefer when a professional designs their skin care lines. However, the company does not offer more information on these dermatologists and how they may go about developing a line that is said to generate younger-looking skin.

Nonetheless, we will still take a closer look at this line as a whole to determine what type of anti-aging benefits these products may offer.

Products at a Glance
The Diadermine line sells their products in kits. The Wrinkle Expert kit includes six different creams and lotions that are meant to be used in order to realize full benefits. Though, many people prefer when an anti-aging product comes in a single formula, since this is often more affordable and more convenient to use.

The complete formula for this anti-aging kit and other Diadermine products are not posted online at time of review. We find the manufacturer provides very vague information on what is contained in this product. All that is shared is that some of the products contain Vitamin E and Omega-3. We wish they were more specific and cited exact ingredients and doses.

Ingredients in Focus
Many people are hesitant to use a product with an undisclosed formula. We believe it’s important that this information is available, so people may view it for safety and effectiveness. Also, this manufacturer makes some rather large claims about the abilities of this product, and without a formula to review, we find it’s impossible to verify the validity of these claims.

This product is said to moisturize the skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When it comes to anti-aging products, we feel those that contain the ingredient Hyaluronic Acid (HA) are especially effective. HA is said to deeply moisturize the skin, and should show advantageous results for all skin types. It is already naturally found in the skin, but added amounts may lessen fine wrinkles and increase elasticity, while providing a smooth texture. Currently, it does not appear that this company utilizes such an ingredient.

There is a Diadermine website posted. Though, it is not meant for people in the United States, as a notice posts on the home page, and the content is not written in English. However, the company directs people to a third party website, where they may learn more information about this line. As evident from the missing ingredient lists, this website is lacking some imperative information. It may have been better if the company took the time to make an English version of their website, so that individuals in the United States have access to important product information.

• Products may be found at reduced prices
• Kits are said to contain moisturizing agents

Final Thoughts
Ultimately, people in the United States may feel a bit overlooked by this company. Not only is there no English company website, but they are not offered complete information for each of these anti-aging products. The company states these products will dramatically reduce the appearance of lines and creases, but without reviewing a complete ingredient list, we find it’s not possible to verify these claims.

Furthermore, these products may be rather expensive, and most sell for over $100. It does not appear that the manufacturer offers a return guarantee, so those who may be unsatisfied with results will have no way to gain their money back. As an alternative, individuals may wish to find a skin care product online that provides a fair refund policy and contains the most advanced ingredients to effectively prevent and reverse the signs of aging.

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