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Dermalogica Review Summary

Dermalogica®, as the name suggests, is a skincare products line. Developed by The International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica® is designed to redefine skin health. According to the company website, Dermalogica® is the favored brand of skincare professionals the world over. This preference is most likely due to Dermalogica’s® commitment to skin fitness rather than beauty, pampering, and luxury.

The Dermalogica® product line consists of virtually everything consumers will need to nourish, protect, revitalize, and condition their skin: cleansers, toners, exfoliants, moisturizers, masques, concentrated boosters, targeted treatments, eye treatments, sun protection shaving care, body therapy, daily groomers, treatment foundation and comprehensive skincare kits.

The Dermalogica® catalog is nothing less than an arsenal for the health of your skin.

With over 85 products and 10 kits available, consumers will have a lot of shopping to do. Given the range and size of this catalog, consumers will most likely benefit from the website feature enabling them to search the catalog by skin concern. We will look at what the anti-aging skin care products are in this catalog.

Anti-aging products are all the rage right now, and Dermalogica® has thrown the hat into the ring as well. At time of review, the company has put out 12 products useful for treating the signs of aging. The Multivitamin Power Concentrate is particularly intriguing. These small capsules are to be opened, and their contents massaged onto a clean face. Along with Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 and/or a Dermalogica Moisturizer, the Power Concentrate delivers vitamins A, C, and E for the defense against free radicals and the reversal of the signs of aging.

Dermalogica’s® website is very, very aesthetically pleasing and technologically up-to-speed. Easy to use, informative, and sharp, the site communicates quality and attention to detail. Product ingredient information of course can be found on a product's box or bottle.

• Consumers will enjoy the user-friendly website
• Dermalogica® products are favored by skincare professionals
• Everything about the company connotes quality and care

Dermalogica® products are modestly priced amongst competing skin care brands.

Final Facts
Dermalogica® may be a very attractive option for just about any consumer with a skincare need. Such a large group of potential customers necessitates a far-reaching and well-appointed product line. Dermalogica® appears to offer some compelling options for consumers.

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