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DermaSilk Review Summary

DermaSilk® is a skincare line created by Cosmedex™; however, unlike other skincare developers, Cosmedex™ is actually a nutrition company, rather than a cosmetics company. They advertise that this makes them more capable of helping increase skin health and ease aging because they use a whole body approach. However, it may also be argued that they have less expertise in this arena. The only way we can really ascertain this product’s overall effectiveness is to take an in-depth look at its formula. This is especially true when it comes to determining its abilities in addressing wrinkles and fine lines.

Products at a Glance
The DermaSilk® skincare line may include some of the following items: DermaSilk® Anti Wrinkle Kit, DermaSilk® Anti Wrinkle Vitamins, DermaSilk® Fast Acting Tightening serum, DermaSilk® Instant Facelift Tightening Serum and DermaSilk® Skin Vitamins for Anti Sagging.

Products in Focus
There have been many advances in science and technology, which have enhanced the abilities of anti-wrinkle products, thereby making products like DermaSilk® very popular with consumers. There are hundreds of products available, which can make it really difficult to sort out the effective products from the ineffective ones. This is why we stress the value of looking at a product’s formula.

DermaSilk® Instant Facelift Tightening Serum is a formula that is suggested to be able to help mature facial skin increase its elasticity, by augmenting Collagen and Elastin content and production. This is an issue for many people as they pass the age of 40. This type of technology, if done correctly, can help boost thickness, color, texture and augment skin tension, while easing wrinkles and fine lines.

This product contains some of the following ingredients: Allantoin, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Natural Antimicrobial Peptides, Glycolic Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Elastin and Glycerin. While reviewing this formula, we were struck by a few points that determine its level of effectiveness. First, it contains quite a few moisturizing agents: Allantoin and Glycerin can help improve the texture and quality of the top layers of user’s skin. They also have included Peptide and an Amino Acid technology, but they failed to note which ones they use, which is a huge flaw in this formula.

This is actually very valuable information to have on hand, because Peptide technology has in some ways revolutionized skincare. However, not all Peptides produce the same results, nor do all Amino Acid-based elements. For example, Argireline®, an Amino Acid combination, has been shown in clinical studies to be highly effective in easing wrinkles and lines around the eyes, which are caused by the contractions of facial muscles. For this reason, this element has become very popular with consumers and developers alike.

Skin changes are a natural by-product of the aging process, because skin cells start to divide more slowly, so the skin matrix starts to thin out. Also, Collagen and Elastin fibers, which support the outer layers of skin, begin to loosen and untangle, causing depressions in the skin, which we know as wrinkles and facial lines, while less elasticity causes facial sagging. We all know that this sounds really scary, and it would be if there were nothing we could do about it, but with the strides made in skincare technology, these issues can be addressed, and in some cases, reversed. However, this is only true if the developer uses the right ingredients and has a high level of expertise.

• Contains moisturizers
• Moderately priced

Final Thoughts
DermaSilk® has become popular with some individuals, somewhat due to a fierce marketing campaign that they have recently waged; however, when we examined their formula, we found some flaws, which we believe will significantly impact its ability to produce results. Luckily, there are products on the market that use elements that have a proven history of diminishing wrinkles and fine lines.

As noted above, Argireline®, which is not used in this formula, has been shown to be able to directly and quickly ease wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Some expert’s have compared it to Botox®, but fortunately, it lacks Botox®’s paralyzing side effects. We believe products containing such ingredients may be among the best options currently available.

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