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BIOMARIS Review Summary

BIOMARIS is a company that offers a specific type of facial and body treatment known as Thalasso Therapy Concept. As such, its services may only be accessed by visiting the locations that provide them. As of this review, however, the company offers its specific line of skincare and beauty products over the Internet. Though, most of us may find it unappealing to trust a manufacturer that dabbles in promoting so many products.

We like visiting spas and beauty salons. However, such visits may be costly. Moreover, they usually warrant repeated visits. A viable alternative to visiting such salons may be to buy effective beauty products and use them at home. Thus, the products offered by the BIOMARIS online may be enticing. Therefore, we will take a look at BIOMARIS USA to conclude whether we may be better off buying a proven anti-aging cream instead.

Products at a Glance
The official BIOMARIS website states that their Facials and Body Treatments comprise of the technique mentioned above, which is said to have been developed by one man, Walter Brachman, in Bremen, Germany. The “Thalasso therapy” sounds exotic, but it actually means “marine medicine,” which means that the key concept behind BIOMARIS is sea water, which is said to have “curative and nurturing benefits for humans.”

Products in Focus
Apparently, anyone may become a Thalasso therapist; anyone, that is, who attends their training, which is, of course, not free. Their headquarters in the U.S.A. is based in a suburb of Pittsburgh. This Thalasso Therapy concept for face and body care treatments is said to be sold “in over 25 countries,” and that it allows “beauty professional to understand the physiological benefits deep sea water, sea salt, marine algae, and heat have on the body and its value in skin care.”

However, we find the website fails to provide any scientific basis for their claims. Instead, we believe there have already been significant and well-researched developments in creating ingredients that boost the natural production of Collagen. One such ingredient is Matrixyl 3000®, which is disappointingly not included in BIOMARIS products.

We believe that visiting spas and beauty salons may be a wonderful experience. Some of the products offered by BIOMARIS seem to be really enticing. However, not everyone will have access to locations offering their “therapy.” Furthermore, many of us may not really find it worthwhile to empty our wallets just for short-term surface treatments. Also, we believe BIOMARIS’s own line of skin care and anti-aging creams and lotions may not really be up to par. Instead of buying costly kits comprising of redundant cleansers, toners and moisturizing creams, some women may simply prefer to try a complete anti-aging cream.

• Offers its own line of skin care products

Final Thoughts
Without a doubt, many of us may be initially attracted by the fact that BIOMARIS USA seems to offer a holistic approach. However, as mentioned above, when it comes to reducing the visible signs of aging, we believe there already are some affordable and hassle-free topical applications. Trying them first may be a good alternative.

Therefore, if a person does not have the time and dedication to go to beauty salons or spas, they may try a proven wrinkle reducing cream. Since there are so many of them out there, some people may do well by exploring as much as they may about the ingredients before taking them. Nowadays, scientifically advanced ingredients, like Matrixyl® mentioned above, and others, like Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, seem to be gaining much consumer confidence. Furthermore, a successful manufacturer will usually also have an attractive return and refund policy.

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