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Avena Review Summary

The skincare company Avena, not to be confused with Aveeno®, does not seem to have any official online presence. At the time of this review, we could only locate two of its products online. In fact, the company’s key product seems to be its daily moisturizing cream, which may also be found in common pharmacies like Walgreens. The fact that official information on the company may not be available may prove crucial to the company’s overall appeal.

Furthermore, we could not determine whether Avena promotes any specialized skin treatments like, for instance, an anti-wrinkle formula. As such, those wishing to reduce the visible signs of aging may be disappointed by the available Avena products. Therefore, we will take a close look at the two available Avena products to determine whether either of them may be able to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Products at a Glance
From our research, the two products available from Avena appear to be Avena Daily Moisturizing Cream and Avena Hand & Body Lotion. The Daily Moisturizing Cream is claimed to be “excellent for the treatment of elder people and babies skin.” It is supposed to revitalize and protect the skin while providing the “hydration, elasticity and nutrition” that the skin needs every day. However, neither of the products appears to specifically claim to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Products in Focus
The ingredients in the Cream may include some of the following: Cetyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Cetearyl Octanoate, Glycerin, Carbomer, Parfum Fragrance, Avena Saliva, PEG-8 Distearate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Amyl Cinnamal and Benzyl Salicylate. These ingredients may be common to many moisturizers on the market today.

Those of us desiring to reduce wrinkle formation may instead want to look up products that include patented and proven ingredients. The best of such products typically focus on increasing the Collagen supply to the skin while also having scientifically advanced ingredients. For instance, Argireline® is a patented form of Acetyl Hexapeptide specially formulated to relax facial wrinkles, reduce the degree of existing wrinkles, and stop their future development. This ingredient, along with a Collagen booster such as Matrixyl 3000™, may produce amazing results.

It seems to have become fashionable to opt for injection-based applications and complex surgical techniques, but these methods may be very expensive, painful and time consuming, potentially requiring multiple visits to a qualified physician. We believe that the simplest way to address wrinkles may be to find a scientifically proven product that includes the ingredients mentioned above. Such products often cost much less than a doctor’s visit, and the results typically come without the pain and time commitment associated with surgical approaches. As an extra bonus, some of the best products may be purchased online directly from the manufacturer and may even come with fantastic side offers like free magazine subscriptions.

• Daily Moisturizing Cream may hydrate and exfoliate the skin

Final Thoughts
In the end, a potential customer might want to look at the manufacturer as much as at the ingredients. We believe a truly effective product should not only have an exclusive online presence and excellent customer service, but it should also be backed by testimonials and proven results. In any case, Avena does not even seem to offer a specific anti-aging regimen. In these regards, we believe Avena products fail to be impressive.

The best anti-wrinkle cream should definitely offer ingredients that have been proven to not only lubricate and exfoliate the skin but to also actively eliminate dead cells, thereby reducing flaking. Furthermore, we also prefer a beauty cream that includes Real Collagen, which has been found to be the primary agent in strengthening blood vessels and in developing new tissues, especially in the skin. Thus, products with Real Collagen and scientifically advanced ingredients like Argireline®, along with attractive price-to-size ratios, may be worth a try.

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