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Astrale Paris

Astrale Paris Review Summary

Astrale is a Parisian company that specifically promotes an “intensive beauty treatment to help slow the appearance of the visible signs of aging.” However, the official Astrale website was not up and running at the time of this review, which makes us skeptical about their customer service commitments. While the homepage of this website boasts of a “shopping cart” section, as well as a products page and “about us” page, they seem to be unavailable at this time.

In any case, for many individuals, believing in a manufacturer that offers over half a dozen anti-wrinkle products may be quite a reach. A few third-party online stores do seem to carry Astrale products, but none of them seem to list the ingredients. Therefore, we will take a look at Astrale, and anti-wrinkle topical applications in general, to see what benefits such products may be able to provide.

Products at a Glance
Since the official Astrale website was not up and running, we looked up some retail stores carrying their product. Some of the products listed at such sites include the following: Astrale Cream Cleanser, Astrale Toning Lotion (also marketed as Astrale Lotion Tonique or Astrale Anti-Aging Toning Lotion in some websites), Astrale Anti Aging Nourishing Care (also marketed as Astrale Anti-Aging Vitalizing Care in some websites), Astrale Complete Lip Care Collection and so on.

Products in Focus
Since there are a lot of beauty and skincare products on the market claiming to dramatically reduce visible signs of aging, a potential customer may be confused by the numerous advertisements and claims. However, we do believe that at least a few of these products are able to genuinely hydrate the skin, reduce line formations, increase the elasticity of the skin tissue and people feel great about themselves without having to overspend.

We are usually wary of taking up a formula for which the manufacturer does not expressly note all the ingredients. It has also been our experience that customers prefer to trust in a manufacturer that markets one effective anti-wrinkle formula, rather than in one that dabbles with numerous experimental formulas. This may be due to the fact that when it comes to customer service and returns and refunds, those with an exclusive product seem to be more accommodating.

Many people tend to look up to some Parisian cosmetics companies. As a leading fashion capital of the world, some people may be awed by anything French when it comes to cosmetics. On the contrary, we believe that unless such companies have an official U.S. presence, it may not be possible to reach them directly and easily for customer service issues. In fact, we believe that an educated buyer will probably eschew following fashion trends merely because some Parisian cosmetics companies seem to be in vogue.

Final Thoughts
In the end, we believe Astrale® products may not be worth a trial. For one thing, we are disappointed by the official manufacturer website’s performance. We believe a good product will not only have an exclusive online presence and excellent customer service, but we also believe that it will be backed by testimonials and real results. Secondly, even the third-party stores carrying some of the products do not disclose the ingredients used in them, nor do they explain the products in detail.

Therefore, potential customers who wish to look younger and have healthy, youthful and beautiful skin may want to look at specialized products. Today, scientifically advanced ingredients like Argireline® and Real Collagen seem to be gaining much consumer confidence. Thus, we believe that consumers may wish to try a product containing such ingredients. The best of such products will probably be featured in many magazines, come with complimentary gifts and offer free trails.

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