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Amore Pacific Time Response

Amore Pacific Time Response Review Summary

Amore Pacific Time Response is a high-end skincare line that may be found in various department stores. The products in this line are much more expensive than most creams found on the market, but the company seems to think that the prices are very fair. According to the company website, their Time Response line will correct, protect and renew skin.

We will take a closer look at the Amore Pacific Time Response line, said to provide a number of anti-aging benefits. We will determine whether or not these products appear capable of generating the results the manufacturer claims will occur.

Products at a Glance
Within the Time Response line are six different products which include: the Skin Renewal Crème, the Skin Renewal Serum, the Eye Renewal Crème, the Intensive Skin Renewal Ampoule, the Hand Renewal Cream and the Time Response Skin Renewal Body Crème.

It appears that the Skin Renewal Cream is the most popular or highly touted product in this line. This cream is said to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reinforce the skin’s natural ability to protect against damage and replenish the youthful contours.

Products in Focus
This cream is said to provide amazing results, and we feel that it should, considering how much people have to pay to purchase this product. For about $400, individuals will receive a 1.7 ounce jar that is thought to last five to six weeks if used regularly. There is no doubt that many people would not even think of paying this much money for a skincare product, but others may feel it is worth it if there are results.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not post a complete ingredient list online for consumer review. So it’s not possible to determine what results this product may provide. Though, we are told that this cream contains EGCG, which is derived from Green Tea, and said to be a powerful antioxidant.

Many people may prefer to know what they are spending their money on, and shop for creams that have disclosed formulas. The ingredient, Agireline®, may interest a number of people, since it is said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 30%.

We are pleased to see that there is an Amore Pacific Website posted. Though, we feel this site would be enhanced if it included more product information, such as a complete ingredient list, cited research and posted testimonials. Furthermore, many of the Time Response creams are said to provide the best results when used simultaneously. We feel it is best when a product is said to work effectively on its own. Otherwise, it requires individuals to unnecessarily spend even more of their money to purchase additional creams and lotions.

• Company website posted
• Products are said to protect against environmental damages

Final Thoughts
Amore Pacific products are not sold on the company website, so individuals will have to visit third party retailers to buy these creams. This may not be a problem for most, but when problems or questions arise, it is often easier when a person is able to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

In the end, Time Response may attract women who are fans of other products promoted by Amore Pacific, or who like the prestige that may come with buying such expensive products. However, others may prefer to look into an anti-aging cream that has a completely disclosed formula, and that is much more affordable. It is possible to find such a product online from some dependable manufacturers.

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