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Altaire Review Summary

Altaire is a skincare line that was said to be developed specifically for those with tired and stressed skin. According to the company website, this line of products will revitalize skin and provide a number of anti-aging benefits. This line is said to work well with all skin types, and also said to repair and protect the skin from potential environmental damage and stress.

For best results, individuals are told to use the entire Altaire skincare line. Oftentimes, we find that women prefer to use a product that is promoted to work on its own, and have confidence in a manufacturer that is dedicated to creating a single, successful cream. However, we believe it is still necessary to study a product before making a purchase, which is why we will study this skincare line to determine if it may have the capabilities to achieve the advertised benefits.

Products at a Glance
Within the Altaire skincare line is a cream cleanser, facial toner, eye cream, firming serum, day cream and night cream. As mentioned, for best results, the company recommends individuals use all of these products.

We are most interested in the Altaire Firming Serum, since this product is advertised to stimulate the production of Collagen. Many people are most likely aware that Collagen is responsible for the skin’s natural youthful appearance, elasticity and plumpness. Unfortunately, Collagen levels decline with age, which makes a product that may effectively increase this component very attractive.

Products in Focus
However, at this time, there is no ingredient list posted for the Firming Serum on the company website. In fact, the manufacturer neglects to post an ingredient list for any of the Altaire products. The only disclosed ingredient is Vitamin E, which may moisturize the skin and repair any sun damage, but this ingredient has not been shown to successfully increase the production of Collagen.

Some women may prefer a product that contains the patented Matrixyl 3000®. This patented ingredient is said to increase the production of Collagen, and may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, it does not appear that Altaire has included this potent ingredient in any of their anti-aging creams and lotions.

We find the Altaire website is well organized and pleasing to the eye. However, at this time, it is missing essential information and does not even have a check-out function. There are many people who prefer to purchase their products directly from the manufacturer, not only for ease and convenience, but because it also ensures that any potential concerns and issues will be addressed. Considering that this company website does not have a check-out function and posts no return guarantee as of review, unsatisfied individuals will likely have to deal with a third party if they are upset about the lack of results generated by this skincare line.

• Company website posted
• Some products contain Vitamin E

Final Thoughts
Ultimately, we find this company fails to provide essential product information, and seemingly leaves people to deal with third party vendors in order to purchase their products and address any concerns. We feel a company with a demonstrated appreciation for their consumers may be more attractive.

Women who are not interested in the Altaire line may prefer to look for an anti-aging product that has an informative product website posted complete with a return guarantee.

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